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In Transit
In Transit
Suggested level:
1000 experience
Mission Source:
Previous Mission:
Next Mission:
Rail Turret, G&B Freighter, G&B Fighter

In Transit is a main mission in Everspace 2. While buying some new equipment for Dax, Hero sees an opportunity to get medical supplies to help his heavily injured friend Ben. To get them, he needs to infiltrate a G&B cargo transit point and steal a pod.


Head to Union Bridge and dock at the marked trading outpost. The Primesense STA costs 4.2k credits, but it is unlikely that you will have that much this early in the game. Luckily, the outpost trader will give you a side mission that pays 3.5k. After buying the STA (a system scanner) and leaving the outpost, a cutscene will play showing a large G&B convoy coming into the system from the jumpgate. You will need to jump out and go to a different system for the next objective.

Nerea Transit Point[]

Once you get there, you'll need to open several cargo pods that are in transit while avoiding scanning beams. The beams can easily be avoided by hacking a nearby terminal labeled 'Cargo Scanner' which will lock the beams in place, allowing you to move in and open the pods. There is some element of timing to this - be sure to finish the hack when the beams are far away from the pods. You only need to open three of the pods (marked with yellow icon), but there are others that you can loot for various resources and commodities. The last marked pod will contain the medical supplies, but it has built-in security. Follow the next marker to a distribution terminal on the main station to send off the medical pod. Unfortunately, the AI will detect a breach of protocol and activate defenses, plus all G&B units will become hostile. Go back to homebase to complete the mission.

Getting caught[]

If you touch the scanning beams, the port AI will detect you and ask you to leave the area. If you touch the beams again, it will 'initiate cleansing' and nearby Rail Turrets, G&B Freighters, and G&B Fighters will become hostile. You will need to fly away about 4-6km in order to become undetected and try again. Any further detections will result in immediate hostility ('cleansing').

There are manned patrol fighters docked at the nearby station, but they will not care about you unless you shoot at them (they are on a break). Making them hostile or destroying the whole patrol will not make the port AI hostile - same with the Freelancer Cargo Carrier.

It is possible to destroy all defenses and ships allowing you to loot the pods without resistance, but the distribution terminal will be locked while the alarm is off.


  • Dock at Trading Outpost in Union Bridge
  • Visit Trading Outpost
  • Buy Primesense STA at Union Bridge Station
  • Go to Nerea Transit Point
  • Find medical supplies
  • OPTIONAL: Gain distance to port.
  • Hack distribution terminal
  • Escape the area
  • Dock at Homebase in Rhodia II

Codex Entry[]


Dax asked me to buy a Primesense STA from the trader in Union Bridge. There I came across a supply convoy by Grady & Brunt. I decided to follow it and steal medical supplies from them to help Ben.

Upon Completion:[]

I purchased a system scanner for Dax and diverted a container with medical supplies from a Grady & Brunt convoy. As it turned out, the pod also contained a cryo-frozen doctor...