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Interceptor medium class ship

Disambig.png For the ship in Everspace, see Colonial Interceptor.

An Interceptor is a subclass of medium fighter class ships in Everspace 2 that are intended to focus on primary weapons as their main source of damage.

Special Effect (Passive)[]

Power Converter: Weapons use boost energy after weapon energy is depleted.

Ultimate Ability[]

Weapon Overdrive: Heavily boosts weapon damage and fire rate and provides unlimited energy. Killing an enemy increases the remaining duration by 1.0s.

Equipment Slots[]

  • Primary Weapons: 3
  • Secondary Weapons: 3
  • Consumables: 3
  • Devices: 2
  • Cargo: 18


  • Shield Bonus: 15%
  • Armor Bonus: 10%
  • Expertise: Weapon Energy Consumption
  • Ship Speed: Lowest of the medium class of ships
  • Handling: Middle of the medium class of ships


The following passive effects are currently available for Interceptors:

  • Refund 20% of the used ULT energy after deactivating Weapon Overdrive.
  • 10% increased primary weapon damage.
  • Primary weapon hits refund 30% of their energy cost.
  • Critical hits have a 50% chance to recharge Weapon Overdrive by 1%
  • Collecting an energy orb grants +1% increased critical hit chance for 8 seconds, up to 20%