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Jump Gates are used to travel to the next sector in Everspace. They were established in Cluster 34 in the 31st century by the Colonials with help from Grady & Brunt Prospects.

They are indicated in the map legend with this symbol:

Icon Map Jump Gate.jpg

They are only located at the end of every sector and do not consume ship fuel when used to travel to the next sector. When the jump is charged, your ship automatically aligns to the correct position (and is invulnerable to damage), and then jumps.

In the Codex

Interstellar Travels
Interstellar travel allows large distance to be covered either instantly or in very short times. There are three known forms of interstellar travel - using wormholes, hyperdrives and Jump Gates. While wormholes are naturally occurring, they are usually too unstable and unpredictable for safe transit. Jump Gates mimic the wormhole phenomenon by connecting two points in space and time under more controlled conditions. Although they are expensive to install and costly to use, Colonial mining companies have heavily invested in an extensive Jump Gate infrastructure to broaden their reach. Hyperdrives are based on antimatter reactor technology and consume valuable resources to operate, thus allowing a degree of ship autonomy, a certain advantage for military purposes.
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