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An active jump suppressor.

HIVE: A jump suppressor is active nearby.
Hero: That's not good.
HIVE: Well, do something about it! Find it and disable it! The higher the signal strength, the closer you are.
~ HIVE and Hero  on jump suppressors.

Jump suppressors are natural hazards in Everspace that prevent the player from jumping to the next area. They can generate on stationary structures or attached to certain enemy capital ships.


Jump suppressors are important to deactivate as soon as possible to avoid getting stuck in an area, especially in higher difficulties when Okkar reinforcements start jumping in earlier. To locate them, look at the "signal strength" alert at the top right of the HUD. The closer it gets to 100%, the closer the suppressor is. Once within sensor range, a blue (if on a structure) or red (if on an enemy ship) will appear at its location, similar to other icons:
The suppressor itself is a small object that, while active, will be rotating with a blue cloud particle effect centered around it. Fly up close for a few seconds to hack and deactivate it. It will no longer prevent jumping stop rotating and will no longer have the particle effect around it.

Suppressors typically generate on various small or large Outlaw structures and derelicts (Colonial or otherwise), but can also generate on special asteroid clusters or formations. When generated in these areas they are almost always well guarded by Outlaw turrets and other enemy ships. Suppressors are more likely in higher difficulties and in higher risk areas.

However, three types of capital ships can also spawn in with jump suppressors - Okkar corvettes, Outlaw drone carriers, and Okkar Frigates, which will always have a suppressor. This will be indicated with a red icon instead of the blue icon above. Suppressors on corvettes can be hacked like usual, or if the ship is destroyed the suppressor will be deactivated along with it. On frigates and drone carriers, however, the jump suppressor cannot be accessed and can only be deactivated by destroying the ship.

Tips and Tricks[]

  • The Low Profile Glyph will cause every location to generate with a jump suppressor.
  • The "Grounded" handicap in Hardcore will cause every location in the handicapped sector to generate with a jump suppressor.
  • Hackable jump suppressors can be safely accessed and deactivated using the Cloak device.
  • Jump Stabilizer will allow you to ignore any existing suppressors upon use and enable jumping.
  • Plasma-Powered Jumps cannot be used while a suppressor is active.
  • If a suppressor is deactivated during what would be normal jump cooldown time, it will cancel the rest of the cooldown and allow jumping out immediately.


  • While progressing through the story, Seth Nobu's heavy fighter will be equipped with a jump suppressor during the first encounter with him.
  • Tareen's eight mission is for an Outlaw client that wants to secure a jump suppressor with mines from five Mine Clusters.