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Karlie Michaeli Sharpe
Karlie Michaeli Sharpe
Birth Year:
Traveling out of Cluster 34
Voice Actor (English):
Ellie Wagner
Voice Actor (German):
Till Demtröder
Radio Karlie.png I'm a freelancer. Odd jobs. Repairing and sourcing in dangerous places... the stuff nobody at G&B wants to do.
~ Karlie Sharpe  introducing herself to Hero

Karlie Michaeli Sharpe was a freelancer for G&B and a double agent for the Okkar in the Demilitarized Zone in Everspace. She was originally an engineer, but after her new ore extraction process was stolen and she lost her case, she was forced to work for G&B to pay off her debts. After being compromised by a series of encounters with Hero, she had to leave Cluster 34 completely.

Codex Entry[]

Karlie Michaeli Sharpe
Karlie Michaeli Sharpe is a female human freelance agent employed by Grady & Brunt Prospects in the DMZ. She was born on Earth (Sol System) in 3031 to Gerald Hughlin Sharpe and Constance Madison Hightower. After achieving a degree in astro-geology, she went off-planet in 3052 to pursue an engineering career. With family funding, she developed and perfected a process of ore-extraction called "Sharpening", a more efficient way of retrieving quantities of ore from asteroid fields. In a patent lawsuit from 3056, however, she claimed that the process was pilfered by a Grady & Brunt spy, Ortensio Hawkings - Sharpe lost the case and was left with crippling legal fees. Hawkings was later discovered murdered and mutilated and Sharpe was questioned at length by authorities. Although no charges have been brought, she is still considered a person of interest in the case. Despite the spat with G&B, she took employment from them doing basic maintenance in the DMZ while she attempts to settle her debts. A G&B spokesperson has expressed the corporation's commitment to helping the young and talented Sharpe establish herself as an engineer.


After encountering her for the first time, Karlie gives the player several sequential tasks to complete to help her out, rewarding with resources, credits, and equipment. Some encounters with her have no task. if G&B is hostile towards the player, it will not be possible to talk with her for the next task or complete the current one if applicable.

# Task Notes Reward
1 Assist an immobilized G&B vessel (Karlie) and destroy some Outlaws. Three Outlaw ships and three Outlaw webber drones will jump in. 15 Gas, 12 Crystal, 8 Dark Matter
2 Protect Karlie from Outlaws while she repairs G&B mining lasers ?
3 N/A Karlie suprisingly jumps into the zone using an Okkar wormhole. She quickly leaves after answering some of Hero's questions. None
4 Activate several out of power collector/mining drones. ?
5 Travel through a wormhole and reactivate more offline mining drones. This encounter unlocks the ability to find and use Okkar wormholes permanently. The wormholes lead to the Okkar Homeworlds. Credits
6 Open up a contaminated power core on a G&B Factory and destroy it. This is a trap - getting in close proximity to the core activates a self-destruct sequence which triggers a large explosion intended to kill Hero. None
7 Confront Karlie. Hero will confront Karlie about her actions, prompting her to leave the cluster completely. It is possible to kill her before she leaves. Karlie will no longer be encountered in any runs. Questline complete.


  • Completing all of Karlie's tasks (either letting her go or killing her) will award the "And That's That" achievement.