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Location challenges in Everspace 2 are unique events or tasks in certain locations. Once completed, a Mainframe Expansion will be added to the inventory. They typically have the player searching for a special container & opening it, or clearing out groups of enemies. Location challenges are only found in minor locations (small square on the map). Once completed, the icon over the location will have a checkmark instead of the small white square.

List of challenges[]

Ceto location challenges
Site Challenge
Mining Remnants Find a hidden stash
Outlaw Frontier Kill all (11) Outlaws
Abandoned Facility Find a hidden stash
Grady&Brunt Refinery Break open a hardened ore patch
Deserted Mining Station Blow up a rigged asteroid
Outlaw Outpost Kill the Outlaw leader
Abandoned Military Outpost Kill all (16) Outlaws
Asteroid Cluster (Hinterlands) Destroy all (15) Hydra Anemone
Destroyed Mining Station Break open a hardened ore patch
Abandoned Structure Find the cloaked containers (3)
Station Debris Find the hidden stash
Union location challenges
Site Challenge
Abandoned Transit Point Repair all 5 buoys
Station Wreck Find a hidden stash
Warship Remains Find a hidden black box
Cracked Asteroids Find all hidden ore veins (6)
Torn Station Find a hidden stash
Asteroid Cluster (Smuggler's Wheel) Kill the Outlaw leader
Freelancer Outpost Find and repair 6 gas leaks
Zharkov location challenges
Site Challenge
Ancient Depot Investigate the ancient secret
Ogni Mining Fields Blow up the rigged asteroid
Union Border Control Inspect all cargo drones (6)
Khaït Nebula location challenges
Site Challenge
Ancient Citadel Investigate the ancient secret
Bri Bioplant Investigate all three biomes
The Ascension Investigate the ancient secret