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This page lists all main missions in Everspace 2, ordered by progression. The main storyline will take 20–30 hours to complete, not including any side missions and extra exploration. There are no plans for alternate main storylines or paths based on player choices.


The tutorial mission can be skipped when starting a new game.

Name Level System Location(s)
The Wingman (Part 1) 1 Ceto G&B Mining Grounds


Name Level System Location(s)
Flying Blind 1 Ceto Fort Cetus - Rhodia II
From Scratch 1 Ceto Rhodia II
Edge of the Universe 2 Ceto Union Bridge, Rhodia Orbit, Ceto Outer Rim
In Transit 3 Ceto Union Bridge, Nerea Transit Point
Spares and Scrap 4 Ceto Nephtys Plains, Charybdis Bowl
Ceto Ghost Hunt 5 Ceto Outlaw Outpost (optional), Outlaw Base, Siren's Sea, Palaemon's Wound, Ghost Fleet

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