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NR-APS 4210 - Maurice
NR-APS 4210 - Maurice
Birth Year:
Playing Empires of Chivalry and outsourcing contracts
Voice Actor (English):
Alex Burgos
Voice Actor (German):
Till Demtröder

Maurice or NR-APS 4210 is an android contracted by G&B to execute search and destroy warrants within the Demilitarized Zone. However, he would rather play a strategy simulation, and is outsourcing contracts to others in order to fulfill his quotas.

Codex Entry[edit | edit source]

NR-APS-4210 is a search-and-destroy android with proper observational personality registered to Grady & Brunt Prospects. Built in 2990 at the Advanced Bionics Institute and previously employed as a test pilot, its current primary function is to find and eliminate threats to G&B's operations in the Demilitarized Zone. Prior to its last dispatch after, NR-APS 4210 downloaded some unconventional material of unknown origin, and for this reason it has been flagged for check-up. Despite some unconfirmed reports of the android referring to itself as "Maurice", servicing has been delayed as it is performing it duties in executing warrants beyond any expectation.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Maurice has an infinite number of tasks for the player, but the first four are specific. Each task is to find and kill a certain criminal. After the first four tasks, each task will be randomly selected from a list of 10 criminals, which can be repeated. Unlike other Encounters characters, Maurice does not give a permanent reward - each reward is only credits.

# Warrant details Reward
1 Celestine Phoenix, a mass poisoner $2250
2 Fabian Harshal, a drug dealer $4000
3 Frederick Lee, a traitor ($4200 on Normal, Sector 1)
4 A fuel thief $ , this is the last structured mission, although the reward dialogue is not.

Gallery[edit | edit source]