NR-APS 4210 - Maurice
NR-APS 4210 - Maurice
Birth Year:
Playing Empires of Chivalry and outsourcing contracts
Voice Actor (English):
Alex Burgos
Voice Actor (German):
Till Demtröder

Maurice or NR-APS 4210 is an android contracted by G&B to execute search and destroy warrants within the Demilitarized Zone. However, he would rather play a strategy simulation, and is outsourcing contracts to others in order to fulfill his quotas.

Codex Entry

NR-APS-4210 is a search-and-destroy android with proper observational personality registered to Grady & Brunt Prospects. Built in 2990 at the Advanced Bionics Institute and previously employed as a test pilot, its current primary function is to find and eliminate threats to G&B's operations in the Demilitarized Zone. Prior to its last dispatch after, NR-APS 4210 downloaded some unconventional material of unknown origin, and for this reason it has been flagged for check-up. Despite some unconfirmed reports of the android referring to itself as "Maurice", servicing has been delayed as it is performing it duties in executing warrants beyond any expectation.


Maurice has an infinite number of tasks for the player, but the first four are specific. Each task is to find and kill a certain criminal. After the first four tasks, each task will be randomly selected from a list of 10 criminals, which can be repeated. Unlike other Encounters characters, Maurice does not give a permanent reward - each reward is only credits.

# Warrant details Reward
1 Celestine Phoenix, a mass poisoner $2250
2 Fabian Harshal, a drug dealer $4000
3 Frederick Lee, a traitor ($4200 on Normal, Sector 1)
4 A fuel thief $ , this is the last structured mission, although the reward dialogue is not.

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