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Mester Throng
Mester Throng
Birth Year:
Compiling research reports
Voice Actor (English):
Dale Tracy
Voice Actor (German):
Marc Seidenberg
Encounters-Throng.png I am Mester Throng. And I know what you are because I am a scientist from Codo 5! I am on an important research expedition in this sector to record anomalies and rarities.
~ Mester Throng  introducing himself to Hero

Mester Throng is a male K'nos scientist from Codo 5, and is on a research expedition in the Demilitarized Zone, primarily researching Extraplanetary Lifeforms.

Codex Entry[]

Mester Throng
Mester Throng is a male K'nos from Codo 5. He, like many among his amphibian-like species, is a scientist and is currently engaged on a research mission in the DMZ. The K'nos are known for their highly inquisitive attributes and are often encountered in far-flung parts of the galaxy seeking new knowledge to take home in order to impress their scientific circles and attain prestige. They are a mild-mannered and affable species, although have a very unusual history. Initially bred as test-subjects to a more dominant species on their home planet, they rapidly evolved themselves and turned the tables on their captors, which they now use as their test-subjects. Their vast accumulation of stored knowledge has caused some concern among other races in the galaxy as to its purpose, though the K'nos are not considered a threat.


Throng gives many tasks to the player, which all involve scanning various lifeforms, in return for credits. Every time the player finishes a task, Throng will also ask a strange question related to being a clone. For information on each lifeform and how to find them, see the Extraplanetary Lifeforms article.

# Scanning Task Reward
1 Green Goo $3000, 20 Plasma
2 Ice Clinger $
3 Asteroid Crawler $
4 Lightning Orchid $
5 Ancient Splitters $
6 Scrap Anemone $
7 Plasma Jellyfish $
8 2 Grey Goo $10,000, Throng Beacon blueprint


Throng also offers two main services to the player: he sells crafting blueprints for equipment only present in the Encounters expansion, which are paid for with Viridian Energy; and modifications. The modifications service has three main functions:

  1. Enhance: The selected primary weapon will get enhanced and receive random stat bonuses. (Cost: 3 Viridian Energy)
  2. Remove mods: All mods will be removed from the selected piece Of equipment. (Cost: 1 Viridian Energy)
  3. Re-Engineer: All currently installed mods will be removed from the selected piece of equipment and three random ones will be installed. (Cost: 2 Viridian Energy)


  • Completing all of Throng's tasks will award the "Weird Science" achievement.