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Modules in Everspace 2 are passive items providing various bonuses.

Module types[]

Energy Cores[]

Main article: Energy Cores (ES2)

Energy cores increase overall energy capacity for both boosting and using equipment, as well as increasing recharge rates.


Main article: Shields (ES2)

Shields provide regenerating shield hitpoints.


Main article: Platings

Platings provide armor hitpoints. If armor is depleted, the currently equipped plating can be repaired at a station. Platings can't be changed outside of a station.


Main article: Sensors (ES2)

Sensors increase sensor strength, which changes how far the player can pick up enemies, NPCs, loot, and other points of interest on the radar.


Main article: Thrusters (ES2)

Thrusters increase ship maneuverability.

Cargo Units[]

Main article: Cargo Units

Cargo units primarily increase inventory space, but can also have other stats.

Module Modifiers[]

Modules can be found or crafted with certain special modifiers and prefixes. These provide a unique ability or aspect, or can increase stats in different ways.


  • Intuitive: Can be used at a lower player Level
  • Optimized: Stat modifiers will be the highest possible for that items level
  • Prototype: +1 level (+10% dmg, +5% energy capacity, +4% energy consumption)
  • Starforged: +2 levels (+22% dmg, +10% energy capacity, +8% energy consumption)