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Nephtys Plains is a site in the G&B Mining Fields region of the Ceto system in Everspace 2. This location is revealed by starting the Spares and Scrap main mission. Hero is sent here to find some jump gate keys. It mainly consists of a very large ground G&B station serving as a hub for mining operations on the planet. The terrain is a cratered desert, with some rocky mountains visible in the surrounding area. There are four caves/mines scattered around this site.


Secrets map image
# Type Notes
1 Shipwreck Located in a cave, surrounded by corrosive canisters. Contains a Mainframe Expansion and the Missile Defense System device.
2 Secured Container Located below the large drill, needs a battery to open. Contains a Mainframe Expansion.
3 Shipwreck Located in a large cave, near the base of a drill. Contains the Magnetic Repulsor device.


  • The Nephtys Plains Station is located here which offers a standard shop (which can have a device) as well as a ship dealer and a job board. The station is operated by a G&B employee called Officer Shaw.




  • The three G&B Light Fighter pilots here are named Roti, Agnatha, and Dennings according to Officer Shaw's dialogue during the initial raid in Spares and Scrap.