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Disambig.png This article is about Okkar in Everspace. For Okkar in Everspace 2, see Okkar/Everspace 2.

Okkar in Everspace are a hostile faction encountered in almost every zone of each sector.


The Okkar have no permanent structures in the DMZ unlike the Outlaws and G&B, but compensate with Corvettes and Frigates. Groups of ships are frequently found in each zone, with the occasional capital ships (frigates being fairly rare). There can also be random ambushes throughout sector zones. Tareen is an Okkar, but is not considered part of the faction.

Okkar Waves[]

If the player spends too much time in a sector (15 minutes on Easy difficulty, 8 on Normal, and 4-5 on Hard), three waves of Okkar ships will jump in and attempt to destroy the player, culminating in a fourth wave of Colonial Warships jumping in - unless Admiral Gorc has been defeated already. The waves of Okkar are usually very difficult to defeat without additional help, especially early-game. Ships destroyed that spawn in during these waves tend to drop little loot, but it can be useful to farm them for fuel.

Okkar Ships[]

There are several types of Okkar ships. They can be identified from a distance by their blue trails. Okkar ships have the strongest shields in the game compared to other factions.

Image Type Description Equipment/Abilities Hull HP Shield HP Can be Elite?
Okkar-Fighter1.png Fighter Okkar Fighters are average fighter class ships. Mk1: Pulse Laser
Mk2:Fusion Blaster, Front Shield Generator
Mk3: Thermo Gun
Mk1: 60
Mk2: 100
Mk3: 150
Mk1: 130
Mk2: 160
Mk3: 210

Okkar swarm fighters .jpg Swarm Fighter Okkar Swarm Fighters are fairly weak ships, travel in a formation of 5. Vulnerable to chain attacks and AoE damage. X
Okkar-Interceptor.jpg Interceptor Okkar Interceptors are a heavily-shielded light-fighter class, with abilities and strengths similar to the Colonial Scout. -Cloak
120 150 ?
Okkar-Drone.png Drone Okkar drones are small, weak enemies. Mk1: Beam Laser
Mk2:Beam Laser M3
Mk1: 10
Mk2: 60
Mk1: 0
Mk2: 130
Okkar-ScanDrone.png Scan Drone Okkar Scan Drones cause the same effect as when your sensors are damaged. Similar to webber drones. -No weapons 30 80 X
Okkar-ShieldChargeDrone2.png Shield Charge Drone Okkar Shield Charge Drones function the same as Shield Charge Drones for the player, and are often only found around corvettes. -Charges shields of Okkar ships 30 0 X
Okkar-Corvette1.png Corvette Okkar Corvettes are medium-sized capital ships, a little larger than a Trader. -Occasionally spawns with a jump suppressor
-Mk2: Has an attack similar to the Neutron Cannon or ARC-9000
-Spawns Shield Charge Drones
-5 laser turrets
Mk1: 1200
Mk2: 1600
Mk1: 800
Mk2: 1200

Okkar-Frigate2.jpg Frigate Okkar Frigates are very large capital ships. They do not have shields, but also have individual turrets and energy cores that the player can destroy, which also damages the overall hull. The energy cores power the frigates powerful 'energy ball' attack, which centers around the player and charges for a second or two . When destroyed, the wreck does not disappear, instead slowly breaking apart and exploding in places. Loot is spread around in gaps inside the wreck or outside of it. The only time a Frigate will jump into a zone is if the crystal is destroyed at the Okkar Homeworld. -No shields
-Occasionally has a jump suppressor
-Okkar laser turrets
-Energy cores which power the powerful 'energy ball' attack
0 X