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Disambig.png This article is about Okkar in Everspace 2. For Okkar in Everspace, see Okkar/Everspace.

Okkar in Everspace 2 are a neutral faction currently encountered in many locations in the Union system only. They function as police - enforcing peace in certain sites - if the player attacks certain targets or factions (G&B, civilian transports, and Okkar fighters themselves), they will be wanted and Okkar forces will continuously jump in to apprehend Hero, with increasing hostility as more aggressive actions are made by the player. This culminates in Okkar Corvettes jumping in as well as Okkar Suppressor Drones. The wanted level slowly decreases when out of combat with any Okkar forces (including travelling in supralight).

List of Okkar ships[]

  • Okkar Corvette
  • Okkar Drone
  • Okkar Fighter
  • Okkar Interceptor
  • Okkar Shield Charge Drone
  • Okkar Jump Suppressor Drone