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An overview of the desert planet and one of the crystals.

The Okkar Homeworlds are one of the few special locations in Everspace, the others being Sector 7 and Ancient Depots, located on the western edge of Cluster 34. They can only be accessed via wormholes and are a useful source of Viridian Energy (from the crystal and from Okkar capital ships). It is an optional location in the main storyline, but must be traveled to to complete Karlie's questline. Going to them does not move the player forward in the sector. To leave, go back through the wormhole.

Codex Entry[]

Okkar Homeworlds
The Okkar homeworlds are a collection of nine inhabited desert planets on the outer [western] edges of the Beltegrade Cluster. The Colonial diplomatic missions which arrived there in the mid-31st century are the only humans known to have visited and form the bulk of knowledge on their location, culture, and appearance. The planets are sacred to the Okkar and are shielded from long-range sensors. Okkar are secretive about their customs and generally suspicious of all other species, although some interesting facts have been ascertained.

Okkar society is organized in a strict hierarchical structure in which roles, whether servant, warrior or cleric, are established by birth. The exact origin of the species are still unknown and there is growing debate as to whether the Okkar might be derived from a superior species beyond their domain. Seemingly incongruous writing and belief structures support this hypothesis.

The Okkar homeworlds are powered and sustained by a mysterious energy source referred to as Viridian energy. While some experiments have been conducted on this energy source, no Colonial research has been able to stabilize it to date. Further research into the field of study, however, has been prohibited by a stipulation in the peace treaty which was insisted upon by the Okkar.


The location that Hero travels to is just one of the nine desert planets that make up the Okkar homeworlds. The only structure here is a single, large Viridian Energy crystal surrounded by a metal structure that likely keeps the volatile intact and transmitting power to the surface. More of the crystals and the energy beams can be seen in the distance, but cannot be traveled to. The planet itself appears to be a rocky desert planet, with several Okkar cities scattered around the surface. Each city is comprised of circular rings (with some subsections), with a Viridian Energy crystal beaming energy to the center.

Typically there are several turrets, a corvette, and several fighters/drones in orbit near the crystal. Destroying the crystal yields a significant amount of Viridian Energy, but also triggers large numbers of Okkar ships to jump in, including a Frigate, which is the only time in the game a Frigate will jump into an area. The lights in the city below the crystal will go out, as their energy source is gone.


The only way to go to one of the homeworlds is through a wormhole, which are rarely found throughout the six sectors. If the player enters a zone with a wormhole, an alert will sound. However, the wormhole will not be added to the HUD and must be discovered visually, shown as a bright green light. When the player's ship gets close enough, the wormhole will open, and the player can travel through it, similar to an Ancient Warp Gate. Traveling through a wormhole in the final zone of any sector (with a Jump Gate) will do the same thing going through the jump gate would do, put the player in the next sector.

Naturally, wormholes are a byproduct of viridian energy, but the Okkar figured out a way to stabilize and use them. In the armistice agreement that was made to end the Colonial-Okkar War, only Okkar are permitted to use and research this technology.

The ability to use these wormholes is only obtainable from Karlie at a certain point in her questline.