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Disambig.png This article is about various ores in Everspace 2. For ore in Everspace, see Resources.

Ores are a type of resource in Everspace 2 that are primarily raw forms of processed resources, harvested from their respective resource deposits that generate randomly in certain locations or from rigged asteroids. They can also be obtained from shops.

List of Ores[]

Icon Name Rarity Description Value
Baromite Baromite Superior Because of its self-replicating nature, some argue that Baromite is actually a lifeform. But since it doesn't scream when melted, nobody really cares. 250
Clygon Clygon Uncommon Due to its robust nature, Clygon is used a lot in construction work. 44
Clygon Core Clygon Core Rare Compressed heavy Clygon which is mostly used in structural elements. 75
Copper Copper Common A soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. 18
Coruscate Coruscate Uncommon Coruscate almost exclusively occurs in lightning fields and is used for a lot of semiconductor devices. 68
Diluted Insidium Diluted Insidium Common Low quality Insidium. 24
Glacit Glacit Common A shiny ore that is mined from certain ice asteroids. 27
Gold Gold Rare A bright and dense metal that was once extremely valuable. 75
Insidium Insidium Uncommon A fairly uncommon ore that is used in cryogenically cooled alloys. 45
Iron Iron Common A highly common type of ore that can be mined almost anywhere. 15
Neptan 120 Neptan 120 Superior A rare ore found only in the outermost regions of the DMZ. 250
Silver Silver Uncommon A lustrous transitional metal with a very high electrical and thermal conductivity. 40