The cover art for the soundtrack.

Everspace has a 69-track Original Soundtrack, which was composed by Gero Goerlich, ROCKFISH Games' Sound and Video Director. The soundtrack is included with the Deluxe Edition DLC, as both .flac and .mp3 files. The files here have been compressed and are lower quality than the original files. Below is a sortable list of all music in the soundtrack. Several may not be in the game (marked with 'Unknown' as the trigger), and a few tracks present in-game were not included in the soundtrack as they were only meant for looping playback, such as what plays in the Okkar Homeworlds and a few other ambient tracks.

The Retro tracks are available in Hardcore only, and do not occur with the Retro Graphics option enabled in the easy/normal/hard difficulties.

Track List

# Name Trigger Listen
1 Can't Believe My Eyes Main Menu
2 The Mission Ambient/Exploration
3 Where Am I Intial Gorc Battle
4 Who Is Human After All Flashback 10
5 Chase Me Unknown
6 Anybody Out There Part 1 Ambient/Exploration
7 Bring It On Battle
8 Anybody Out There Part 2 Ambient/Exploration?
9 Inside Ambient/Exploration
10 Anybody Out There Part 3 Ambient/Exploration
11 Admiral's March Battle
12 Electricity Dark Nebula
13 Anybody Out There Part 4 Ambient/Exploration
14 Trader's Theme Ambient/Exploration
15 Solar Storm Part 1 Ambient/Exploration
16 The Lab Ambient/Exploration
17 Solar Storm Part 2 Ambient/Exploration
18 Star's Theme Ambient/Exploration
19 Iceteroids Part 1 Ambient/Exploration
20 Iceteroids Part 2 Ambient/Exploration
21 Looking For Something Ambient/Exploration
22 Iceteroids Part 3 Ambient/Exploration
23 Fallen Giants Part 1 Ambient/Exploration
24 They Are Onto Me Battle
25 Fallen Giants Part 2 Ambient/Exploration
26 Armada Of Annihiliation Colonial Warships
27 A New Place Ambient/Exploration
28 No Escape Battle
29 Business Not As Usual Ambient/Exploration
30 Grey Goo On Defeating an Ancient Warden
31 I Hate Drones Unknown
32 Meet The Ancients Ambient/Exploration
33 Outlaws Territory Ambient/Exploration
34 Into the Darkness Part 1 Ambient/Exploration
35 He's Here Subsequent Gorc Battles
36 Into the Darkness Part 2 Ambient/Exploration
37 Everspace Theme Hangar
38 Dogs In Space Battle
39 Into the Darkness Part 3 Ambient/Exploration
40 Adam's Theme Ambient/Exploration
41 Freighter On Its Way Ambient/Exploration
42 Can You Feel It Part 1 Ambient/Exploration
43 Don't You Dare Battle
44 Death Is Only The Beginning Credits/end-of-run stats
45 Can You Feel It Part 2 Ambient/Exploration
46 Gravity Unknown
47 I Can See You Ambient/Exploration
48 Can You Feel It Part 3 Ambient/Exploration
49 Where Is Everyone Ambient/Exploration
50 Not Dying Today Ambient/Exploration
51 I Am A Leaf In The Wind Unknown
52 Memory Flashbacks Flashbacks and Black Holes
53 Okkar Forces Battle
54 Signals Ambient/Exploration
55 Outlaw Bomber Battle
56 The Great Pull Battle
57 Seth's Theme Battle
58 The Wreck Ambient/Exploration
59 So Many Of Them Retro - Battle?
60 The Okkar Theme Battle
61 The Journey Home Ambient/Exploration
62 Strange Things Ambient/Exploration
63 The Beginning Ambient/Exploration
64 Go Back In Time Retro - Ambient/Exploration
65 Wherever Are You Going Retro - Ambient/Exploration
66 I Am Gonna Get You Retro - Battle
67 And Then There Was Retro - Battle
68 Hardcore Hangar - Hardcore mode
69 The Way Into The Unknown Sector Map
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