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Outlaw Outpost
Outlaw Outpost
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Disambig.png This article is about the site in G&B Mining Fields. For other Outlaw Outposts, see Outlaw Outpost.

Outlaw Outpost is a site in the Ceto system in Everspace 2.

In-game description:

Growing bolder by the day, Bloodstar is testing the waters on G&B turf.


This location is a large Outlaw outpost stationed around a large asteroid and a cluster of numerous smaller asteroids.

There is a location challenge here for destroying all outlaw units in the area. There are a total of eleven. Completing the challenge gives a reward of one Aeterna Bypass.

Notable Loot & Points of Interest[]

  • There is a cloaked container inside the station. Its presence will be notified by an erratic radar ping and accompanying noise, which will grow louder while getting closer to the container.


  • Four Outlaw Scouts
  • Outlaw Madcap and its pod
  • Two Outlaw Drones
  • Outlaw Armor Drone
  • Three Outlaw Turrets