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ES2-Characters-HIVE-Icon.png Outlaws. Independent operators with varying affiliations profiting from trafficking, extortion, illegal weapons trading, piracy, clone smuggling...

The Outlaws are one of five known factions in the Everspace and Everspace 2 universe. They are a loose affiliation of various clans comprised of various species, although there are mainly humans. They are extremely frequent in the Demilitarized Zone and Cluster 34 as a result of the destruction left behind by the Colonial - Okkar war, as well as the lucrative raiding of extensive Grady & Brunt Prospects operations there. Many Outlaws are former G&B employees themselves, driven away from decency by the corporation's lack of care towards their workers' health & safety.

For information specific to the original Everspace, see Outlaws/Everspace.
For information specific to the Everspace 2, see Outlaws/Everspace 2.


Everspace Codex Entry
Outlaw is the term used to describe unauthorized elements operating in the lawless fringes of Colonial territories. In Cluster 34, Outlaw more specifically refers to the loose affiliations of warring clans, cartels, or gangs which comprise of chiefly human, but also numerous alien species.

Outlawism is primarily a human trait stretching far into its ancient history, where they were known as bandits, marauders, and racketeers, among a large variety of other terms. Non-conformist in nature and anarchic in organization, they traditionally pursue self-opportunistic purposes, such as self-enrichment, although some choose this mode of lifestyle for the thrill of adventure alone.

The demilitarized zone of Cluster 34 has become a magnet for those falling foul of the Colonial authorities since its establishment following the peace treaty with the Okkar, and has drawn large numbers of Fleet deserters, escaped criminals, and other desperadoes. Each clan or cartel possesses its unique code of conduct, and members are not unknown to switch allegiances when it is advantageous. Outlaws have been inventive in creating hideaways in unlikely crevices of unobserved space, such as hollowed out asteroids and abandoned military bases. They make use of whatever plundered technology they can get their hands on, and are prone to utilizing traps, stockpiles, heavy ballistic weaponry and similar hit and run tactics.

Known clans[]

  • The Coalition - run by Elek, allies of Hero
  • The Phantom Retaliators - a rival clan to the Coalition, driven out by them with help from Hero
  • The Bloodstar - A powerful clan stretching out across the entire Ceto system. However, two of their chiefs were both killed by Hero, as well as having their largest strongholds destroyed (particularly at Palaemon's Wound).

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