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Disambig.png For Outlaws in Everspace 2, see Outlaws/Everspace 2.

Outlaws in Everspace are a hostile faction encountered in almost every zone of each sector.


Outlaws are found in mostly all zones attempting to raid G&B mining outposts, Traders, and Service Stations. Often, the player can find them already battling the local G&B forces and Okkar that are nearby upon jumping into a new system. Occasionally, the Outlaws will ambush the player in certain areas around a zone, but there is enough time to react before they fully jump in. Outlaw turrets can also be found on asteroids as a trap for unsuspecting ships, often near abandoned Colonial structures or derelict wrecks. Occasionally, large hollowed out asteroids will contain Outlaw structures. There are also Outlaw stations, usually with a jump suppressor or comm hub and drone servers/ship hangars, guarded by turrets. These may have been old Colonial or G&B derelicts that have been commandeered by the outlaws.

Outlaws are also the main enemy in the Sector 7 battles, except for the final story-oriented battle against Admiral Gorc.

Outlaw Ships[]

There are several types of Outlaw ships. Most Outlaw ships can be identified by their orange/red trails, and typically have a stronger hull than similar Okkar ships.

Image Type Description Equipment/Abilities Hull HP Shield HP Can be elite?
Outlaw-Scout1.png Scout Outlaw Scouts are light-fighter class ships, similar to the Colonial Scout, with three variants. Mk1: 170
Mk2: 240
Mk3: 350
Mk1: 50
Mk2: 100
Mk3: 150

Outlaw-Drone1.png Drone Outlaw Drones are small, weak enemies with two variants Mk1: No Shield, Gatling
Mk2: Shielded
Mk1: 10
Mk2: 50
Mk1: 0
Mk2: 60
Outlaw-WebberDrone1.png Webber Drone Outlaw Webber Drones have the same ability as the player's Webber Drones. -No shields, no weapons.
-Extremely slows down player ship's movements
5 0 X
Everspace-Outlaws-Sniper.png Sniper Outlaw Snipers are drones that are permanently cloaked until discovered, and snipe the player from afar. -Shock Rifle 80 15 X
Outlaw-Bomber.jpg Bomber Outlaw Bombers are a heavy-fighter class ship. -Often comes with two Anti-Missile Drones
-Launches two Light Missiles
-Scatter Gun
600 120

Outlaw-Marauder.png Marauder Outlaw Maruaders are a heavy-fighter class ship. -Fusion Blaster M6-A
-Component overheating missiles
-Mk3:A turret which can be destroyed
370 130

Outlaw-Cargo-Thief.jpg Cargo Thief -Leeches resources from the player. Drops all of it when killed. X
Outlaw-Drone-Carrier.jpg Drone Carrier Drone Carriers are medium sized ships that are shielded by several link drones. All link drones must be destroyed to disable the shield, but the the link drones respawn periodically. -Can have Jump Suppressors
-No weapons or normal shields

Outlaw-LinkDrone.png Link Drone Can only be spawned by drone carriers. -Immune to Drone Override
-Has a weapon
? ? X
Outlaw-Turret-Laser.png Turrets Outlaw Turrets are generally found on outlaw structures, other derelict structures, or in clusters of asteroids as an ambush. There are three types: Normal, Missile, and Missile Silo. Normal: Gatling
Missile: Light Missiles
Silo: Heavy Missiles