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Disambig.png This article is about Outlaws in Everspace 2. For Outlaws in Everspace, see Outlaws/Everspace.

Outlaws in Everspace 2 are a hostile faction encountered in almost every location and system.

List of Outlaw ships[]

  • Outlaw Armor Drone
  • Outlaw Bomber
  • Outlaw Bomb Thrower
  • Outlaw Demolisher
  • Outlaw Destroyer
  • Outlaw Detonator Drone
  • Outlaw Drone
  • Outlaw Madcap
  • Outlaw Madcap Pod
  • Outlaw Missile Drone
  • Outlaw Missile Turret
  • Outlaw Missile Silo
  • Outlaw Ravager
  • Outlaw Scout
  • Outlaw Proto Scout
  • Outlaw Sniper Drone
  • Outlaw Turret
  • Outlaw Viper
  • Outlaw Webber Drone