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Disambig.png For perks in Everspace, see Perks.

Perks make a return in Everspace 2 but in a slightly different form. Hero (the player) has his own personal perks, and so do each of his companions, each having a different specialty. Hero's perks unlock with leveling up, while companion perks need to be unlocking by investing resources into them. Most perks are passive upgrades, but some have more active effects.

Adam/Hero - Player Perks[]

Every five levels a set of three new Player Perks get unlocked. Only one perk can be chosen from each set, but it can be changed at any time.

Level Req. Perk Effect
5 Exit Strategy Receive 25% reduced damage while boosting
Close Call Instead of taking lethal damage a shield deploys that grants invincibility and lasts 10.0s. The ship must be docked to make the shield available again after use.
Defensive Massacre Killing an enemy instantly triggers your shield recharge.
10 Percussive Maintenance Incoming direct hull hits have a 3% chance to reduce a random device cooldown by 30%.
Downtime Warrior Weapons require 30% less energy for each device that is on cooldown.
Play it Safe Activating a device adds 4 charges of Reactive Armor, negating the damage of the next 4 impacts for 5.0s.
15 Excessive Force Primary weapons deal 30% increased energy damage while your shield is fully charged.
Crit Happens Critical hits have a 30% chance to create an explosion impact that damages the target and nearby enemies for 50% of the damage.
Relentless 20% increased weapon energy capacity for each installed warfare device.
20 Ulterior Motive 100% increased ULT generation while shield is depleted.
Unyeilding Assault Activating the ULT instantly repairs 50% of armor and removes all debuffs.
Critical Faculty Critical hits have a 30% chance to restore 1% ULT energy.

Companion Perks[]

Each companion comes with a unique set of perks. They can be unlocked and upgraded by investing resources or completing certain tasks. Investing can be done at any time, in any increment, but cannot be undone.

Dax Bashar and Ben Grendal[]

Ben inherits Dax's perks.

Perk Level Effect Requirements
Repairs 1 Pay only 70% for hull repairs. Credits (1680)
Scrap Metal (15)
Iron (25)
2 Pay only 70% for equipment repairs. Credits (2400)
Scrap Metal (15)
Iron (45)
Supra Gel (7)
3 Free hull repairs up to 30% of the maximum hull hitpoints when docking. Credits (4440)
Iron (60)
Scrap Metal (25)
Power Cell (10)
Tractor Beam 1 Increases the base tractor beam range to 800m. Credits (1440)
Iron (30)
Vardum Crystal Shard (40)
Anti-grav module (1)
2 Allows you to pull multiple objects at once. Credits (3360)
Vardum Crystal Shard (50)
Wiring Kit (6)
T1 Processor (2)
3 Increases the speed with which items are pulled. Credits (5400)
Vardum Crystal Shard (75)
Supra Gel (20)
Power cell (8)

Delia Wendo[]

Perk Level Effect Requirements
Energy Orbs 1 Destroying ships will sometimes set free energy orbs that replenish some weapon and boost energy when collected. Credits (720)
Supra Gel (3)
Vardum Crystal Shard (10)
2 Energy orbs will also replenish some armor. Credits (1200)
Power Cell (15)
3 Energy orbs will also replenish some shield energy. Credits (1860)
T1 Processor (2)
Plasma (8)
Power cell (5)
4 Collected energy orbs will also charge the ship's Ultimate power. Credits (3000)
Vardum Crystal Shard (45)
Power cell (12)
Supra Gel (6)
5 Energy orbs will move towards you from a greater distance. Credits (5100)
Power cell (12)
Anti-grav module (8)
Supra gel (2)
6 Collected energy orbs will also increase the energy core's output by 50% for 3.0s. Credits (7200)
Aetheum Crystal Shard (30)
Plasma (16)
Energy Charger (3)


Perk Level Effect Requirements
Autonomous Cargo Dispatcher 1 While in space, send excess cargo to your homebase. Made possible by self-propelled cargo compartments with cloaking technology. Credits
Resource 1
Resource 2
Resource 3


Perk Level Effect Requirements
Fire Support 1 The mighty Elek will occasionally help in and help Adam to shoot down enemies (if he is in the mood). Credits (5000)
Liquor (10)
2 Upgrade Elek's weapon to powerful Coil Guns. Credits (7000)
Any Coil Gun (1)
3 Elek will also attack with EMP Missiles. Credits (9000)
Any EMP Missile Launcher (1)


Perk Level Effect Requirements
Storage Size 1 Homebase storage size increases to 60. Credits
2 Homebase storage size increases to 75. Credits
3 Homebase storage size increases to 100. Credits
Hangar Size 1 Expand the homebase hangar to hold 7 ships. Credits]
2 Expand the homebase hangar to hold 9 ships. Credits


Perk Level Effect Requirements
Spatial Bypass 1 Enables you to build Spatial Bypasses that allow you to quickly travel between systems.
Location Scanner 1 Reveals the completion ratio of a location on the star map.
2 Reveals how many and what type of secrets are still to be found for each location.