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Disambig.png For player ships in Everspace 2, see Ships (ES2).

Playable ships in Everspace consist of four Colonial fighter types: the Interceptor, Scout, Gunship, and Sentinel. Each ship is unique in its own way with varying playstyles, available equipment, perks, and stats.


Different ships can be selected in the pre-run hangar, where they can also be upgraded with perks (costing credits). They can also be customized with a selection of three different equipment loadouts and options for three different sections of the color scheme. The first section has 16 color options while the other two have 17. There are also unique style sets that can be selected (locking out color options). The Colonial Sentinel and the style sets are only available if you own the Encounters expansion. See Ships comparison for an incomplete comparison between each ship. As part of the Kickstarter, certain backers could unlock a special green-themed skin/style set.

List of player ships[]

Image Name Type In-Game Description
Everspace-Colonial-Interceptor-hangar.png Colonial Interceptor Medium Fighter Class A versatile combat ship that can equip most weapon systems and devices. Though it does not have considerable disadvantages, the Colonial Interceptor does not shine in any particular field either.
Everspace-Colonial-Scout-hangar.png Colonial Scout Light Fighter Class Fast and swift but also quite fragile, the Colonial Scout demands a clear playing style. To compensate for its lack of hull hitpoints, it is the only ship capable of using cloaking devices and teleporters.
Everspace-Colonial-Gunship-hangar.png Colonial Gunship Heavy Fighter Class The Colonial Gunship is a clunky beast to maneuver but it can take a lot of hits. Its reinforced hull provides the best protection available though this comes with a weak spot: It is not possible to equip a shield device. The front shield generator and a powerful turret provide remedy.
Encounters-Sentinel-Hangar-Front.png Colonial Sentinel Medium Fighter Class With the option to enable fast hacking and an additional slot for weapons and devices the Sentinel further underlines its electronic warfare capabilities, already given an exclusive set of unconventional equipment.