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Prescott Starbase
Prescott Starbase
Trading Station & Jump Gate
The Concession
Station Services:
Trade, Jobs, Ships, Jump Gate

Prescott Starbase is a site in the Union system in Everspace 2.

In-game description:

A former Colonization Module used to colonize areas in Cluster 34. The station found its home in orbit of a large uninhabitable planet located along the central traffic route through the DMZ. There, it quickly developed into the largest trading station in the sector, amassing wealth for a fast-growing population.


This location consists of a large space station serving as a trade hub and Jump Gate to Aethon. Protected by Okkar patrols.


  • Black Market Dealer - shop
  • Freelancer Hanger - shop, ships
  • G&B Office & Hangar - shop, job board, sells Nano Transmitter
  • Kato Palace - shop
  • DMZ Research Station - starts A Customs-Made Error side mission
  • Prescott Starbase Authority - starts Spelunking for Madcaps side mission

Notable Loot & Points of Interest[]

  • Shield Generator under metal cover on station very bottom - destroy to disable shield for Secured Container in lower level
    • Rare loot inside
  • Secured Container with 2 Power Sockets on lower level - shoot buttons to reveal Power Cores
    • Rare loot inside
  • Violet room with Containers behind shield - shoot button hidden in nearby commercial to reveal move buttons. Finally Shield Generator will be revealed, destroy it to get to Containers
    • Rare loot inside
  • Red room in base center
    • shoot 6 buttons on side to reveal Shield Generator
    • destroy it to reveal Energy Sphere Dispenser
    • shoot buttons on the floor to reveal Power Core and Energy Socket
    • insert Power Core to Power Socket on side to reveal another Shield Generator
    • destroy it to get access to 3 Containers
    • insert Energy Sphere into Energy Socket to reveal Green Corridor
  • Green corridor leads to Reactor Room
    • In Reactor Room shoots all rotating buttons to open both Secure Containers
      • One has superior loot, other rare loot
  • Shielded container - destroy 2 Shield Generators hidden in nearby walls to disable shield, shoot button to open container
  • "Wheel of Fortune" - shoot the all buttons moving on the Wheel to open Container
    • Rare loot inside


  • various Outlaws