The Everspace 2 prototype (version 0.1.6568) was released December 17, 2019 and was given to kickstarter backers of the €40 tier "Standard Edition" or higher. A snapshot of the game's development state of August 2019, it was used as a demo at various gaming conventions and had relatively little content or locations and was unpolished, so that Rockfish Games could continue working on the main branch of the game while giving backers and convention goers a taste of what was to come.

Content Summary

The prototype had four locations in the Ceto system with various minigames, encounters, and trading stations. These locations were handpicked bits and pieces of development and were very different from any real locations in the current Ceto system. It also had some legendary equipment available.


The prototype had a minor update on July 30th, 2020 to add some graphical options and settings fixes.

EVERSPACE 2 Demo Patch 0.1.11400
Hey there, test pilots!

Today, we're happy to release a small update for the EVERSPACE 2 prototype/demo with a few settings that have been in high demand.

These are already present in the Alpha version of EVERSPACE 2, and although we had not planned on updating the prototype/demo at all, we figured that these would be relatively easy to retroactively add, as they do not affect the game code too much. Just don't expect any further updates - as you can imagine we're very busy working on the Beta and Early Access release.

Please see the complete list of changes below.

New Features

  • Added option to disable motion blur
  • Added option to disable chromatic aberration
  • Added gamma slider


  • Fixed invert pitch not working for mouse controls
  • Fixed invert yaw not working for mouse controls

Have fun! Michael and your dedicated ROCKFISH Games Team

  • The prototype was eventually taken down as it was outdated in early 2021. Instead, a new up-to-date demo was released with V0.6.20667 that would stay current with the live versions of the game.
PC Early Access
PC Alpha/Beta
Prototype • V0.2.10550 • V0.3.12959
Updates (ES2)
The current version is Early Access V0.8.25412 which was released on April 13th, 2022
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