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Disambig.png This article is about resources from Everspace 2. For resources from Everspace, see Resources.

There are a wide variety of resources in Everspace 2. Many are needed for certain missions, can be used for upgrading perks or crafting, or just a good source of credits. Unlike the first game, resources in Everspace 2 are stored as physical items.

Similarly to equipment, items are divided into different rarities and types: Common (grey), Uncommon (aquamarine), Rare (blue), and Superior (crimson).


Currently, most resources do not have a dependable way to obtain them. Some ores and crystals can be found in mineable deposits randomly generated in certain Locations (ES2) on asteroids. Otherwise, they can be found in station shops which typically have a random assortment of different types of resources, or from killing enemies but there is not a clear loot table. G&B Freighter crates tend to drop lots of resources, so they may be the best method of farming for them.

Rigged asteroids and hardened ore patches found in many locations also drop a good amount of ore, but they can only be destroyed once, they will not reappear later.


There are eight different types of resources.

  1. Commodities
  2. Crystal
  3. Ore
  4. Mission items
  5. Plasma
  6. Processed Resource
  7. Tec Resource
  8. Dark Matter
  9. Software - Mainframe Expansion