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Rhodia Orbit is a site in the Home Turf region of the Ceto system in Everspace 2. It contains one of the 'bean bags' needed to hide the location of the Homebase during the Edge of the Universe main mission. It also has an encounter with an Elite Outlaw Viper as part of the The Good, the Bad, and the Decent side mission. The location has several wrecks and debris fields, with a few large asteroids (three of which have small Outlaw bases) and clusters of smaller asteroids.


Secrets map image
# Type Notes
1-2 Shipwreck Located inside wreckage behind an energy core socket, the dispenser is in the same ship.
3 Shipwreck Off to the side of an Outlaw base structure, contains a Mainframe Expansion and the Temporal Nano Recompensator device.
4 Shipwreck Inside of a ship structure (below bean bag quest objective), shoot the shield generator to access, contains a Mainframe Expansion.
5 Secured Container Located inside an Outlaw base structure. Shoot shield generators to gain access & bring an energy core to open the container, contains a Mainframe Expansion.
6 Shipwreck Not counted as a secret. Located near wreckage above all other structures.