Sector 7

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Sector 7 is the last sector you can jump to in Everspace. This is also where several major parts of the story take place, as Sector 7 contains Adam Roslin's secret lab.


Sector 7 marks the end of the Demilitarized Zone. It is different from the previous sectors as it is only one location, and is always the same. It is some sort of lifeless planetary body, presumably with no atmosphere, and possibly a very large asteroid. There are several unpowered turrets in the area that can be used for help in Sector 7's fights. They have energy cores that must be activated by the player before they can help. At the bottom of the central area is a large missile silo, that is used against Admiral Gorc's warship.

The Lab

Adam Roslin's secret lab is here. It can't be interacted with in-game, it is only seen from afar and in cutscenes. It is an abandoned Colonial research station from the Okkar-Colonial War.

Story Phases

The aftermath.
  1. When entering Sector 7 for the first time, the player will confront Seth Nobu (along with Denara Roslin), and defeat several waves of Outlaw forces. This run is completed by entering the lab.
  2. In the DNA collection and repair phase, there will be several Outlaw ships in the area that must be defeated before entering the lab. Runs are completed by entering the lab.
  3. After repairing all 8 DNA fragments, Admiral Gorc's warship will jump in, which is only defeated by taking energy cores from turrets and using them to power the missile silo and fire 1 massive missile capable of significantly damaging the warship. This must be well timed and done several times. This run is only completed if Gorc is defeated, which "kills" the player's current clone but counts as a win.
  4. Destroying the warship causes a massive explosion that leaves the entirety of the playable area of Sector 7 a giant blast crater, with no structures remaining. There is a single scrap at the center of the crater. Runs are now completed by jumping out of the sector, just like any other system/zone in the earlier sectors. There is no Jumpgate.