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Seth Nobu
Seth Nobu
Birth Year:
Colonial Heavy Fighter
Voice Actor (English):
Tom Zahner
Voice Actor (German):
Achim Buch
SethNobu-Portrait.png Listen, you brainless clone. I'm here for revenge and that's what I'm going to get!
~ Seth  talking to Hero

Seth Nobu was a former Colonial lieutenant and active Outlaw in the Demilitarized Zone in Everspace.

Plot Summary[]

Seth Nobu was a former friend of Adam Roslin prior to the events just before the story in Everspace. They both served during the Colonial-Okkar war, where Seth was an ace fighter. Afterward, Seth stayed behind in the DMZ after being discharged from the fleet, as an outlaw. After some time, Seth sought out Adam, and Adam agreed to join him in an illegal cloning venture, using Seth's labs. However, they are captured by Colonial Admiral Crin Gorc, who offered amnesty in exchange for the two of them (Seth's resources and Adam's research) decoding the Okkar genome. After this is completed, Gorc reveals that this is to incite a new war to finish off the Okkar, and offers them more benefits for continuing to help. Seth accepts and watches as Adam is poisoned after he refuses. It is unknown what happened to the partnership between Nobu and Gorc after Adam's escape, but after this the main events of Everspace transpire as Seth hunts down Adam.

Seth is first encountered by Hero when jumping into Sector 3 for the first time. Seth confronts Hero, thinking that he is actually the original Adam Roslin. Seth believed that Adam's actions were a betrayal. Seth attacks, but is defeated and jumps away before being killed (at 25% hull). They meet again later in Sector 5, where Seth pulls Hero out of hyperspace. Seth finds out that Hero is actually a clone and where the original Adam Roslin is. Now knowing that Hero is a clone, Seth tells Hero to stay out of his way and jumps away. The final confrontation is at Sector 7, just before entering the secret lab. Seth kills Denara with an Outlaw ambush and they begin attacking Hero as Seth attempts to enter the lab. Seth is gravely injured by the security defenses, and is finally killed by Hero in order to enter the lab. Seth's body was presumably destroyed in the explosion resulting from the defeat of Gorc's warship.

In the Codex[]

Codex Entry
Seth Nobu is an active Outlaw and former lieutenant of the Colonial Fleet who was discharged without honors at the end of hostilities with the Okkar. Born on the Ganymede Station (Sol System, Jupiter) in 3002 to Captain Jackson Nobu and Medical Officer Sarah Nobu, he was the 11th generation of Nobu's to have enlisted for service, securing him an automatic place in the Fleet Academy. Intelligent but short-tempered, he often fell foul if academy rules although proved himself to be especially skilled as a fighter and a leader, earning the respect of his peers and swiftly gaining rank. Assigned to the front lines at the outbreak of war with the Okkar, his unconventional techniques garnered him much success on the field of battle, many decorations, and a considerable reputation among the troops. All this, however, was to be marred by his confrontational attitude to senior staff, which ultimately led to his dishonorable discharge at the end of the Okkar conflict.

Nobu remained in the Demilitarized Zone where he was profited from illegal trade with outlaw elements and transport of contraband. He is currently sought by authorities in relation to missing Fleet property and suspicion of involvement in a number of attacks on goods convoys. He has been difficult to trace and is believed to be protected by mercenary squads.


Seth's ship is an unknown Colonial (possibly stolen from G&B) heavy fighter-class ship. It is equipped with:


  • Prior to the full release, Seth's placeholder was a boss named Dafoe in the original Sector 7.
  • Seth's ship can be destroyed in the initial encounter with him by spamming many Corrosion Missiles. This ends any dialogue and the jump suppressor goes away and has no actual effect on future gameplay or the story.