Everspace Wiki

Shields are a type of module in Everspace 2 that provide a regenerating energy shield.

Shield Passive Effects[]

  • Capacity
  • Recharge Speed
  • Recharge Delay
  • Shutdown Duration

Shield Variants[]

  • Shield (crafted)
  • Shield ST (higher capacity & recharge speed)
  • Shield XC (lower capacity & recharge, faster Recharge Delay & shorter Shutdown Duration)
  • Speedward (energy shield charges while boosting)

Module Modifiers[]

The following modifiers can be found on crafted Shields

  • +X Firepower
  • +X Precision
  • +X Structure
  • +X Utility
  • +X Resistance
  • +X Expertise
  • Cannot be damaged
  • Deal 70% of energy damage back to the attacker's own shield
  • Missiles only deal half of their energy damage to the shield.
  • +20% increased recharge speed if your ship is exposed to sunlight.
  • Fires an EMP blast with a 500m radius that stuns for 2s when the shield enters shutdown state.


The following prefixes are available for shields:

  • Intuitive: Can be used at a lower player Level
  • Prototype: increases all passive effects of the module by 1 level
  • Starforged: increases all passive effects of the module by 2 levels
  • Optimized: +X Stat modifiers will be the highest possible for that items level
  • Accelerated: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (currently not working properly)
  • Overcharged: Increased Shield Capacity
  • Primed: Shorter shield recharge delay & shutdown duration