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Ship names are generated for each ship automatically. Each ship name is composed of a name followed by a dash then one letter and one digit. Each name is based on the ship's subclass and its wing type. The letter indicates the body type and the digit corresponds to an engine type.

It is likely that the player will be able to add a custom name for his ship in later versions.

Light Classes[]

There are two body types (A, B) and two engine types (1, 2) available for the light classes. More variations are expected in later versions of the game.


At present only one wing type is available for the Scout. Therefore all scouts are called "Spirit" right now.


There are two wing types available for the Vanguard, the "Harbinger" and the "Mercury".

Medium Classes[]

There are nine body types (A through I) and nine engine types (1 through 9) available for the medium classes.


The Striker comes with four different wing types: "Harpie", "Hawk", "Osprey" and "Raptor".


The Interceptor offers four different wing types named "Predator", "Stalker", "Orion" and "Gryphon".


The Sentinel has four different wing types. Those are called "Nemesis", "Reaver", "Thunderbolt" and "Tormentor".

Heavy Classes[]

Right now there is only one body type (A) and one engine type (1) available for the heavy classes. In later versions of the game, you may expect additional body and engine types.


All Bombers are currently named "Cyclops" since only one wing type is available.


The Gunship also offers just one wing type at the moment. Therefore all Gunships are called "Liberator".