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Disambig.png This article is about ships from Everspace 2. For ships from Everspace, see Player ships.
Concept art of the medium-fighter class customization options

Playable ships in Everspace 2 once again consist of three different fighter subtypes - light, medium, and heavy. Each subtype has 3 different 'classes', each of which can possibly be customized with 4 different wing/body types with 4 tiers each.

Classes[edit | edit source]

Each class of ships has a unique playing style, each with access to different types of equipment.

Light[edit | edit source]

Light fighters have weak shield and hull, but compensate with high agility.

  • Scout
  • Vanguard - the Vanguard is a lightweight, maneuverable reconnaissance starfighter with a high emphasis on speed, mobility, and defensive measures.
  • Unknown third ship - possibly Spec-Ops

Medium[edit | edit source]

Medium fighters are versatile

Heavy[edit | edit source]

Heavy fighters are slow and clunky, but compensate with tough defenses (despite lack of a shield) and heavy, high-damage equipment.

  • Bomber - The Bomber is a missile and mine specialist with access to unique explosive weapons and warheads. Think “shoot first, ask questions later…
  • Defender
  • Gunship

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Each ship has a unique set of stats and attributes.

Customization[edit | edit source]

All ships can currently be customized with paint jobs, emissive lights (their color), and decals.

  • Paint job: colors can be used to customize three separate liveries along with their finish (standard or metallic) and roughness. New ship colors are found as rare loot from containers & enemies, or by buying a new ship with colors that have not been unlocked yet. There are 25 total colors available, with 'Snow White' and 'Crimson' unlocked by default with the starting ship.
  • Emissive lights: Small glowing lights on various parts of all ships. New colors can be found/unlocked in the same way as ship colors. There are 15 emissive light colors, with 'Noon Sky' and 'Crayola' being unlocked by default with the starting ship. The lights can also be turned off.
  • Decals: There are 10 different decal options available (including no decal at all), each of which is a different symbol or logo of factions in-game. Insignia & text colors can be customized further (6 options) using unlocked ship colors.