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Siren's Sea is a site in the "Deep Fields" region of the Ceto system in Everspace 2. This location is an asteroid field, uniquely filled with dense clouds, with sunlight filtering through it. There are several wrecks scattered around the field, as well as some Outlaw groups and a base. The base is part of the Ceto Ghost Hunt mission as it has one of the disruptors blocking the detection of and access to the Ghost Fleet site.


Secrets map image
# Type Notes
1 Shipwreck Located below the clouds, in a corrosion cloud above a Hydra. Contains a Mainframe Expansion.
2 Bulletproof Container Located above the clouds, between two cargo crates of the broken down G&B Freighter. Contains a Mainframe Expansion and the Nano Transmitter device.
3 Secured Container Located at cloud level, below the Outlaw base. Break the destructible wall to enter. Destroy two panels & Shield Generators, then use Energy Orbs to open. Contains a Mainframe Expansion.
4 Bulletproof Container Located below the clouds, on the underside of the blue structure remains. Contains a Mainframe Expansion and the Annihilator Virus device.
5 Shipwreck Located below the clouds, follow the trail of wreckage.