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Siren's Sea
Siren's Sea
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Siren's Sea is a site in the Ceto system in Everspace 2.

In-game description:

The heart of the so-called Deep Fields; a vast and nebulous field of asteroids, war wrecks and mining debris.


This location is an asteroid field, uniquely filled with some sort of fog, with sunlight filtering through it. There are several wrecks scattered around the field, as well as some Outlaw groups and a base. The base is part of the Ceto Ghost Hunt mission as it has one of the disruptors blocking access to the Ghost Fleet site.


  • Breakable wall on the large asteroid with the Outlaw base. At the bottom of the base, there is a space that can be flown into and has the cracked wall. Inside is an energy sphere dispenser, generators, energy sockets, and a secure container. Destroy the generators to gain access to the sockets, then put an energy sphere in each to open the container.

Notable Loot & Points of Interest[]

  • Nano Transmitter device, found in a container in a freighter wreck.
  • Annihilator Virus device, found in a bulletproof container in an abandoned structure on a large asteroid
  • Aeterna Bypass found in a bulletproof container in an abandoned structure on a large asteroid (same as Annihilator Virus)
  • Aeterna Bypass inside container in hidden room under Outlaw Base
  • One of the large asteroids has a Hydra Anemone infestation, with some resource deposits, a shipwreck, and a container
    • The corrosive gas clouds can be removed by killing the large hydras
    • Shipwreck contains Aeterna Bypass
  • There is a beacon for the McClure's Odds and Ends trading station, which will call her in from the Ceto Outer Rim location.
    • When revisiting this location, she will usually have a group of Outlaws attacking her.
  • There is a large wreck with various tec resources and some equipment.


  • Copper


  • Hydra Anemone
  • Defense Turret in the Outlaw base's core
  • Outlaw Drone
  • Outlaw Turret
  • Outlaw Scout