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Spares and Scrap is a main mission in Everspace 2. In this mission, Hero is on the hunt for keys to use the Ceto Jump Gate. Starting this mission reveals all locations in the G&B Mining Fields region.


Nephtys Plains[]

Head over to Nephtys Plains in the G&B Mining Fields. When you jump in, there will be several Outlaw units attacking the G&B station on the surface. After assisting the G&B fighters in destroying the Outlaws, Officer Shaw will call you in to the station, where he will give you two more tasks to help out. Both tasks involve taking out nearby Outlaw presences in order to possibly get jump keys from him. At the crystal cavern, there will be some Outlaws outside the cave along with a missile silo, and just a fighter and detonator drone inside the cave. The desert mine will have six drones (normal, webbers, and detonators) to clear out, scattered around the mine. After returning to the surface from the second cleared cave, there will be an Elite Outlaw Scout with an Armor Drone. After destroying them, return to the station and then head to Charybidis Bowl, another site on the same planet.

Charybdis Bowl[]

Hazardous Wreck Hallway

If you don't see the jump gate, go to the hill with the bright aetheum crystal. Facing towards the scrapyard, the jump gate will be on the right towards the back, buried in the ground. On the left side of the jump gate rings, there are two bright red flags on either side of a jump gate module, which only has scrap metal in it. After looting it, a jump suppressor will activate. Follow the bar at the top of the screen again to find it. It will be inside a wreck on the far side of the scrap yard. It is attached to a wall (it will be marked by a gear icon). Fly up close and disable it. Turns out it was a trap - the door of the wreck closes behind you. Go through the open door and dodge the hazards on the way (lasers, closing doors). The lasers don't do much damage. There will be a generator under a forcefield, but you need to keep going forward to get a battery for it. Putting the battery in the generator will open a door in front of it, with two shield generators you need to destroy. Go up through the are where the forcefield was to escape. There will be one more laser to avoid but that's it. A scavenger bot set the trap to get more parts but it agreed not to do that anymore.

Head to the bot's station (G&B Scrapyard / Charybdis Recycling Plant) near the jump gate for some dialogue, then you will need to head back to Homebase and talk to Dax to complete the mission.


  • Go to Nephtys Plains
  • Fend off the attackers
  • Visit Nephtys Station
  • Clear the crystal cavern of raiders (6)
  • Clear the desert mine of raiders (6)
    • Return to the surface
    • Take out the leader
  • Visit Nephtys Plains Station
  • Find and loot the scrapped jump gate at Charybdis Bowl
  • Find and deactivate the jump suppressor
  • Escape the area
  • Visit G&B Scrapyard
  • Dock at Homebase in Rhodia II

Codex Entry[]


Dax sent me into Grady & Brunt territory to acquire jump keys. We need these in order to use the jump gate and leave the Ceto system.

Upon Completion[]

While looking for a way to leave the Ceto system, I ran into a broken scavenger bot. He told me that I would need nothing less than a military HIVE AI if I wanted to get past jump gate security. Fortunately, Dax seemed to know where to find one...


  • This is the first visit to an in-atmosphere planetary location in the main story, as well as the first access to a ship dealer and job board.
  • You don't actually need to help with the initial Outlaw raid, the G&B fighters can take care of it themselves and Shaw will still thank you for helping.
  • The scavenger bot encountered at Charybdis Bowl uses text-to-speech for dialogue, left in by popular demand as all voices pre-early access were also TTS.