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Everspace 2

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*Freelancer inspired [[controls]]
==Major Update timeline==
[[File:ES2-KSRoadmap.jpg|300px|right|alt=Everspace 2 roadmap]]
:''See also:'' [[Updates (ES2)]].
:'''''The entire timelineroadmap was recently pushed back, so the dates below may be inaccurate.''''''
*Certain backer tiers have access to different key points of development which are not available to the public:
The planned updates for Everspace 2.
*Some key points of development are only available to certain backer tiers:
**[[Prototype]], released December 17th, 2019. Available to backers of the "Standard Edition" (€40) tier or higher.
**Closed Alpha, releasing June 15th, 2020. Available to backers of the "First Flush Edition" (€80) tier or higher.