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Everspace 2

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{{Hatnote|[[Everspace 2 Portal|→Everspace 2 Content Portal]]}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is an upcoming fast-paced open-world space shooter (singleplayer only) being developed by [[Rockfish Games]], to be released on PC and console platforms. It is the [[Story (ES2)|direct sequel) to ''[[Everspace]]'', but is leaving the rogue-like elements behind.
:*Diablo-like loot system
*Several different [[Factions (ES2)|factions]], many returning from ''Everspace''.
*Approximately 20-hour [[Missions (ES2)|campaign]] with various [[side missions]].
*Freelancer inspired [[controls]]
**Major Update 3 - 2021.
*Full Release - 2022.
==Closed Alpha==
The game is currently in a closed alpha stage with an almost fully fleshed out first system ([[Ceto]]) and a [[level]] cap of 10.
==System Requirements==
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