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Everspace 2

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**[[Prototype]], released December 17th, 2019. Originally available to backers of the "Standard Edition" (€40) tier or higher, but it can now be publicly downloaded on Steam.
**Closed Alpha, released June 15th, 2020. Available to backers of the "First Flush Edition" (€80) tier or higher.
**Closed Beta, released September 25, 2020. Available to backers of the "Early Adopter Edition" (€70) tier or higher, and the "Just the Game, Please!" (€30) tier or higher as of November 2nd, 2020.
*Early Access launch (Steam only), planned for DecemberJanuary 2020 or later2021.
**Major Update 1 - Q1 2021.
**Major Update 2 - 2021.
**Major Update 3 - 2021.
*Full Release - 2022.
==System Requirements==
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