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This page serves as a comprehensive guide to the main story of Everspace 2, most of which occurs while progressing through the main storyline. Side missions are not included here. As was the case in Everspace, the main story and cutscenes/cinematics are animated "comics".


Like the first game, the story of Everspace 2 takes place in the Demilitarized Zone of Cluster 34, established after the Colonial - Okkar war, starting in the Ceto system. The DMZ is full of freelancers, outlaws, and Grady & Brunt Prospects mining operations.

Main Story[]

A New Beginning - The Wingman[]

After repairing his DNA sequencing and gaining a full lifespan, the Adam Roslin clone Hero is now keeping a low profile, going by the name of "Ross Adamov". Because of his status as an illegal clone and his involvement in the death of the prestigious Colonial admiral Crin Gorc, he and other Roslin clones are wanted and being hunted by Colonial agents. To get a safe ticket out of the DMZ and get to a new homeworld (Eden-12), he is working as a wingman for G&B mining convoys. protecting a mining team, led by Calahan. On one mission, the team is ambushed by Outlaws, and Adam is abandoned while trying to rescue Ben from his burning fighter. They end up being disabled and captured by Outlaws (the Bloodstar clan), who discover that Adam is a clone. Meanwhile, Adam meets Dax Bashar, a fellow captive. The Outlaws (and their new gasmask-wearing chief) plan to sell him by broadcasting his profile, but do not know what they are getting into, ignoring Adam's warning. The broadcast attracts hostile Colonial forces. In the ensuing fight, the forcefield holding them in loses power and they escape. Adam insists on going to get Ben despite Dax's objections, who goes to the hangar to secure two fighters. Adam walks the injured Ben to the hangar and they launch with Dax in the second fighter.

After coming out of the hangar they discover the Outlaws in combat with a Colonial Light Crusier commanded by Comissioner Hawke and that their jump drives are jammed by several jump suppressors. Adam deactivates the last suppressor shortly after being detected by Hawke. Now that they can, Adam (with Ben) and Dax jump out. While in supralight, Dax tells Adam to disconnect his nav (the system providing location markers) as it allows the Colonials to track them via AETERNA. Fortunately, Dax has some backup location data that isn't connected to the Colonial network. He leads Adam to Rhodia II, where there is an abandoned military outpost that was once his hideout. Upon arrival, they put Ben into stasis while they work on repairing the reactor for the base. Adam scrounges parts from debris in the area while fending off some Outlaw scouts that detected the base and talking to Dax about kayaking and his memories. With the reactor fixed, Adam and Dax move onto the next problem of repairing three signal distractors (which Dax refers to as 'bean bags', as they toss around signals) to keep their new homebase hidden from more enemies while they work on helping Ben and getting out of the system.

After repairing the bean bags, Dax sends Adam to get a system scanner from a trading outpost in Union Bridge. Shortly after buying it, Adam will see a large automated G&B convoy jump in via the Ceto Jump Gate. Adam thinks they may have medical supplies that could be useful for helping Ben, and despite Dax's objections, goes after the convoy. Adam manages to find and redirect a medical freighter at Nerea Transit Point to the homebase, but is detected shortly after and jumps out quickly. When he and Dax examine the pod back at base, they discover a doctor in cryosleep which infuriates Dax as it may compromise their situation. He explains that his plan is to reach a neighboring star system in order to do a job which may make them and others very rich if done on time. To do that, he sends Adam to acquire jump keys which would allow them to use the jump gate from a G&B station at Nephtys Planes, where he fights off some Outlaw attackers and meets Officer Shaw. Unfortunately he doesn't have any keys, but after Adam clears out some Outlaws in the area, points him to a scrapped jump gate to another site on the same planet. Adam runs into a trap set by a scavenger bot after seeing that there were no keys at the gate, but escapes and talks to the bot which tells Adam that he would need a military HIVE AI unit to access the jump gate.

While en-route back to base and telling him about what he learned, Adam suddenly loses contact with Dax after he says that the doctor woke up from stasis. Upon arrival, Adam finds Dax unconscious and is hit by a dart in his neck shot by the doctor. After explaining themselves, the doctor agrees to help them and tells them she is Dr. Delia Wendo. Dax thinks that they may be able to find a HIVE unit at a place called the Ceto Ghost Fleet, which is an area full of old Colonial war wrecks that were gathered by the very same Outlaws that were holding them captive earlier. After destroying several large Outlaw bases with signal distractors that were hiding the location of the ghost fleet, Adam and Dax head there together to look for a HIVE unit. Adam gets the feeling that the area feels off and they shouldn't be there, and they don't have any luck with finding a HIVE. Chief Bolton, the gas-mask wearing Outlaw who spoke to them while they were imprisoned, jumps in and tries to kill them both, but fails.

Finding Maddocks[]

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