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Birth Year:
Business as usual
Voice Actor (English):
Jonathan Greenman
Voice Actor (German):
Holger Löwenberg
Characters-Tareen-Icon.png I am Tareen, merchant of many diverse wares.
~ Tareen

Tareen is an independent Okkar trader that operates in the Demilitarized Zone in Everspace. In his early life, he was originally designated to be a servant on the Okkar homeworlds, but was unhappy and chose exile in order to have the life he desired, explaining his presence in the DMZ.

When the player meets Tareen for the first time, there will be several Outlaws attacking him. He will be grateful if helped, or will leave if attacked.

Codex Entry[]

"Tareen" is the name of an Okkar lone-operator in the DMZ who has been encountered and identified by numerous Outlaw sources. A lone Okkar is an extremely rare occurrence, since they are understood to be eusocial and herd-like, thus Tareen has been marked for further, but distant, observation by Fleet scientists. Tareen operates as a trader in the DMZ and appears to have many contacts with the ability to source powerful weapons and bulk resources. He has so far not been observed to return to the Okkar Homeworlds, and is therefore thought to be a kind of outcast. Those who have done direct business with him have reported him to be amiable but reserved, and only interested in making trade. As such, despite regularly handling and trading illegal goods, he is regarded as a relatively harmless oddity of the DMZ.


Tareen gives many tasks to the player, which include retrieving various resources or equipment for Tareen, and in return he gives credits, various equipment, and finally his personal Beacon. Tareen has 10 total missions. Multiple can be completed in the same zone if you have the resources/equipment, but Tareen will only naturally appear once in a run. It is also possible to complete a task over several runs, as current delievery progress is saved.

# Task Credit Reward Equipment/Resource Reward
1 200 Scrap $3000 10 Processor
2 1 Gatling 40mm $1,000 Scrap
3 10 Processors $
4 5 Access Keys $ Energy Injectors
5 1 Mainframe Override $ 2 Shield Boosters
6 25 Dark Matter $
7 1 ARC-9000 $
8 200 Crystals $
9 5 Mine Clusters $ Nano Injector MK3
10 1 Fusion Blaster M6-A (3 mods) $10,000 1 ARC-9000, Tareen Beacon blueprint



  • Completing all of Tareen's tasks will award the "Quid Pro Quo" achievement.