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Tec Resources are a type of resource in Everspace 2 that are primarily synthetic pieces of technology.

List of Tec Resources[]

Icon Name Rarity Description Value
A.I. Controller Common Almost all mundane systems have their own A.I controller. Imagine one! Yes, it has one, too.
Anti-G Coating Uncommon Ultra-thin coating to make your ship slide through space like soap in your hands.
Anti-Grav Module Common Commonly used in automated landing systems.
Broadcasting Unit Uncommon Universal broadcasting unit for ultra-fast interplanetary communication.
Camouflage Array Rare A grid of felixble mirror-like screens that can be cast around any object in an instant. Basic cloaking technology. 160
Cooling Unit Uncommon It's cold in space. But not cold enough to cool down some overclocked gadgets. 65
Diagnostic System Common A trimmed-down AI that reports malfunctioning ship parts.
Echo Canceller Superior A rare normalizing unit used in the most complex weaponry. 233
Energy Charger Common Charges energy. Fast .Reliably. Eco-friendly. 45
Heat Detector Uncommon Does what human skin does but much faster, more precise, and without screaming.
Inertial Dampeners Common Prevents your ship from crashing into the nearest asteroid in case you were too slow to calculate the forces affecting your ship when you floored it.
Jump Core Rare Contains the most fundamental technology needed for a ship to enable a sub-light travel. 185
Neutron Membrane Uncommon Nono-sized selective barrier used for chemically-powered switching technology. 90
Plasma Battery Common A rather outdated energy storage unit that is still widely used in all sorts of equipment. 150
Power Cell Common Your standard energy storage used in a great range of devices. 40
Power Unit HX-1 Uncommon Standard issue power unit used in all civil vessels. 78
Pulse Mutator Rare Sounds dangerous, but it just changes the sound and color of pulse laser projectiles. A feast for the eyes and ears! 156
Scrap Metal Common Worthless metal remains that you will find everywhere in the DMZ. 8
Short-Range Sensor Common Part of sensor modules for small-size ships like fighters or shuttles.
Signal Circulator Uncommon Grab a signal, spin it around in circles and then throw it out. That is what you do when you are a Signal Circulator.
Signal Decoder Common Multi-source common signal decoder used in nearly all communication devices.
Steering Nozzles Uncommon A set of small easy-to-install nozzles to be used on ships, training bots, or hover boards.
Supra Gel Common An indispensable component in any modern manufacturing process.
T1 Processor Common Electronic circuitry that carries out the instructions of a computer program.
Tachyon Emitter Superior Highly volatile FTL particle emitter. Currently used in state-of-the-art coil guns. 250
Threat Processor Uncommon Self-learning AI that anticipates dangerous situations, helping the pilot to better assess a dangerous situation.
Wiring Kit Common Despite great technological advancements most ships still have thousands of wires in them. 33
Fission Controller Superior Pocket size instrument that manages large-scale elemental transmutations used in advanced reactors. 217