Everspace Wiki
Level Req. Perk Effect
5 Exit Strategy Receive 25% reduced damage while boosting
Close Call Instead of taking lethal damage a shield deploys that grants invincibility and lasts 10.0s. The ship must be docked to make the shield available again after use.
Defensive Massacre Killing an enemy instantly triggers your shield recharge.
10 Percussive Maintenance Incoming direct hull hits have a 3% chance to reduce a random device cooldown by 30%.
Downtime Warrior Weapons require 30% less energy for each device that is on cooldown.
Play it Safe Activating a device adds 4 charges of Reactive Armor, negating the damage of the next 4 impacts for 5.0s.
15 Excessive Force Primary weapons deal 30% increased energy damage while your shield is fully charged.
Crit Happens Critical hits have a 30% chance to create an explosion impact that damages the target and nearby enemies for 50% of the damage.
Relentless 20% increased weapon energy capacity for each installed warfare device.
20 Ulterior Motive 100% increased ULT generation while shield is depleted.
Unyeilding Assault Activating the ULT instantly repairs 50% of armor and removes all debuffs.
Critical Faculty Critical hits have a 30% chance to restore 1% ULT energy.