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The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet
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The Gauntlet is a site in the Union system in Everspace 2.

In-game description:

The last stretch on the Zharkov supply route before the carriers reach the jumpgate. It is also the last chance for outlaws to raid said carriers. You may guess who is more fond of the many winding asteroids and the murky quality of the area making it nearly impossible to anticipate what may lie beyond the next bend...


This location consists of destroyed Research stataion, few crashed ships and asteroids.

Side quest Twin Station takes place here.

Notable Loot & Points of Interest[]

  • Secured Container inside the Station - use 2 enegry spheres to open, contains:
    • Hydra Sample - quest item for Twin Station
    • Aeterna Bypass
    • superior loot
  • Bulletproof Container in right side of the small outlaw base (pictured below) - shoot the red button to reveal & follow the steps to open. contains:
  • Secured Container inside Minefield - use Enegry Sphere from Energy Dispenser nearby
  • Secured Container inside Crashed ship - with superior loot, use Enegry Sphere from Minefield
  • Hidden mining area - use missile/rocket to open



  • various Outlaws