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The Good, the Bad, and the Decent
The Good, the Bad, and the Decent
Suggested level:
0-3,500 Credits, 760 experience
Mission Source:
Union Bridge - Trading Outpost
Previous Mission:
Next Mission:
Outlaws: Elite Viper , Madcap, Sniper Drone, Scout

The Good, the Bad, and the Decent is a side mission in Everspace 2. Hero is tasked by the trader at the Trading Outpost in Union Bridge to retrieve a package and deliver it to a customer.


Fly over to the marker at Union Bridge. Adam will see that the station is still quite active with a gang stationed there. There is an Elite Outlaw Viper (the leader of the gang), 2 Outlaw Madcaps, 1 sniper drone, and 1 scout. The Viper (protected by an impenetrable energy shield) will jump out. Check out the station and look for the container (fly to marker). The trader will raise the pay to 3.5k to chase down the leader. Upon reaching Rhodia Orbit, fly to the marked Viper. He refuses to hand over the package and starts firing at you. Beware of the corrosion missiles - remember to dodge just before they reach you. It ends up being viridium paint (based on viridian energy, the Okkar power source).

Next, head to Ceto Outer Orbit and the marked delivery coordinates for the recipients of the package - neutral Outlaw units (Elite viper, 2 madcaps, sniper drone, scout). You have a short window to attack them after giving them the package if you want - the trader will not be pleased that you killed them and will not pay you. The elite viper may drop rare equipment. If you don't attack the gang will jump out and you can head back to the trader. Either way, the trader will explain that the outlaws were nice and polite to him, unlike the other gang.


  • Find the sealed container at the abandoned station.
  • Defeat the gang
  • Find the sealed container at the abandoned station.
  • Find and defeat the Viper at Rhodia Orbit
  • Deliver the package to Ceto Outer Rim
  • Return to the merchant at Union Bridge Station

Codex Entry[]


A trader at Union Bridge Station asked me to deliver a package to one of his customers. What could possibly go wrong?

Upon Completion:[]

Either way you choose to complete the mission will result in the same entry.

A trader at Union Bridge Station hired me to deliver a package to one of his customers. Before I got a hold of the package an outlaw Viper pilot stole it right from under my nose. I retrieved the package and delivered it to another outlaw Viper pilot who in my eyes was absolutely identical to the guy I had just shot down. The trader claimed that the former was a scoundrel while the latter was a decent guy with good manners. Guess, just saying 'thank you' to some people can make all the difference.


  • The choice of ending here has no impact on the rest of the story.
  • If the second Viper's gang is made hostile but not killed the mission will still consider them as killed and the trader will not give any credits.