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The Undead Ship
The Undead Ship
Suggested level:
400 experience
Mission Source:
Shipwreck in Ceto Outer Rim
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The Undead Ship is a side mission in Everspace 2. Starting this mission will unlock the Ship Wreck location.


In Ceto Outer Rim, one of the asteroid formations has an abandoned escape pod nearby. Scanning this escape pod will reveal a logbook entry and start the mission. When you get to Ship Wreck, there will be a single wreck in the area. When you fly close to it, some Outlaws will spawn. One of the pieces of the wreck is protected by a force field. Another nearby piece of the wreck will have a generator, which you need to shoot through a gap in the wall. Destroying it will open a door, leading two more generators powering the force field. One is covered with debris that you need to grab and move in order to shoot through a gap, the other is occasionally obstructed by a malfunctioning door. After destroying both, the forcefields will go down and there will be a defective power core dispenser inside. Nearby is a power socket marker. You will need to take an unstable power core from the dispenser and put it in the power socket by throwing it through the gap in the wall. This will finally open the door leading to the cargo hold with a bulletproof container.


  • Go to Ship Wreck
  • Access and search the wreck's cargo hold

Codex Entry[]


Logbook found in escape pod in Ceto Outer Rim
"The war is over. You're on your own now." Yeah thanks, you privileged morons. And where did you expect us to go? Palaemon Station is in shambles and you generals are lounging somewhere in Lizard Land. Would have been nice to at least send a bye-bye note to us expendables. Instead all we got was a lousy freighter that barely made it to Nemertes. Then Hernandez said he could patch up the generator with that stuff we've loaded, but that only made things worse. Wasn't this whole Liz Tech the reason all of this started in the first place? Hope you choke on your plasma gin you cowards!


I came across an escape pod from the war. The pilot - long dead - had left a log entry mentioning the coordinates of the ship he and his team had to abandon. Maybe there is still something of value inside...

Upon Completion:[]

Following the coordinates I found in an escape pod, I discovered an old ship wreck from the war. The crew had experimented with smuggled Okkar tech, thus creating a power surge that broke their ship and is still active up to this day.