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The Wingman (Part 1) is the first main mission in Everspace 2 and serves as the tutorial, introducing some game mechanics and characters. It can be skipped via the pause menu. The main character, Hero, is escorting a group of G&B miners as their wingman.


Since this is the tutorial, the on-screen directions are fairly clear and simple. Be sure to pay attention to them. Certain controls (boosting, shooting) will be disabled until they are first needed in the tutorial.

Follow the convoy until one of the miners (Krazinski) says that his engines fail. Head over to him with Ben and wait a second for Ben to fix it. Ben will give a movement tutorial, follow his directions. There will be on-screen tips with the controls you need to use. Once you get to the entrance, wait for the dialogue with Calahan to finish then shoot the hydras (green/blue anemone plants). They only take one or two shots and can't do any damage to you. Once cleared, fly through the tunnel to the center of the mine. There will be some wrecks, and hydras on the walls that are optional to kill. There are also some lootable containers and wrecks, but there is no point in looting them since you lose all of it after the mission. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, there will be an entrance to the core blocked by a breakable wall. Once you blow it open with a missile, an Outlaw drone will pop out which you need to kill. After that you'll need to hack a terminal to open the next door.

Inside the core, there will be an Outlaw Ravager hiding behind the pillar on the right. Inside is the chief of an Outlaw clan called Bloodstar. He initially thinks Hero is his rescue squad, but realizes he is actually from G&B and attacks. He has a decent amount of HP, but isn't hard to kill. He drops a rare level 1 coil gun. Shortly after Calahan and the miners move in, there will be a large drill digging through the asteroid to let in an Outlaw Scout (ES2), drones, and webber drones. The miners can't actually be killed here. After defeating them, Ben will give you some nanobots. You then need to destroy three security bolts on the edge of the drill hole. After destroying them, the hatch will open for you to fly through.

Once outside, there will be a short intro cutscene showing the battle outside between the G&B patrol and a significant Outlaw force with an Outlaw Destroyer. You don't actually need to fight anything for the mission to progress. After some time, head over to Ben when he starts burning. When you get close, the mission will end and the first animated cutscene will play, with Hero now captured.


  • Follow the mining convoy
  • Check up on the miner
  • Strafe right, strafe left
  • Hover up, hover down
  • Roll right, roll left
  • Move right and boost
  • Catch up with Calahan
  • Purge the infestation (kill several Hydra Anemone)
  • Enter the mine
  • Reach the core
  • Shoot your missiles to blow up the barricade
  • Take out the target (Outlaw drone)
  • Open the gate to the core
  • Search the core
    • Take down the Ravager
    • Pick up the loot
  • Wait for the miners
    • If you wander off/outside the core: Return to Calahan
  • Defeat the attackers
  • Blast open the drill head (destroy three security bolts)
    • Escape the asteroid
  • Fight the attackers
  • Check on Ben

Codex Entry[]


I've been tasked to protect the G&B mining operation at Deep Fields.

Upon Completion:[]

During my task to protect the G&B mining operation at Deep Fields we found signs of a fight between Outlaws and G&B inside the giant hollow asteroid there. After a brief encounter with an Outlaw Ravager, more Outlaws appeared and we continued fighting them outside. While the mining crew managed to escape, our escort was gunned down and I was taken hostage by a band of Outlaws.