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Thrusters are a type of module in Everspace 2 that increase ship maneuverability.

Thruster Passive Effects[]

  • X% Speed Gain
  • X% Recharge Speed
  • X% Acceleration
  • X Energy Capacity
  • X/s Energy Consumption
  • Xs Recharge Delay

Thruster Variants[]

  • Booster (crafted)
  • Speed Booster (fast boost recharge, fast acceleration)
  • Cruise Booster (Additional passive for faster ship speed ~10+%)

Module Modifiers[]

The following modifiers can be found on crafted thrusters:

  • +X Handling
  • +X Firepower
  • +X Precision
  • +X Structure
  • +X Utility
  • +X Resistance
  • +X Expertise
  • Cannot be damaged
  • Weapon damage increases by 20% when standing still.


The following prefixes are available for thrusters:

  • Intuitive: Can be used at a lower player Level
  • Prototype: increases all passive effects of the module by 1 level
  • Starforged: increases all passive effects of the module by 2 levels
  • Optimized: +X Stat modifiers will be the highest possible for that items level
  • Eco: Reduced energy consumption