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This page contains a comprehensive timeline of all events before and during both Everspace and Everspace 2. This information was primarily gleaned from all Codex entries.

Year(s) in C.E. Event(s) Description
Mid-1800s Grady & Brunt Prospects formed on Earth by Oswald Grady, partnered with William Brunt, during the California gold rush.
2046 G&B inherited by direct-descendant Zeppo Grady, who expanded the business into space mining with asteroid-hunting drones.
2344 First Aeronautics founded on Triton
2401-2500 Alioth Electronics founded on Earth
2601-2700 First Aeronautics briefly owned by G&B
2701-2800 BENCA's military contracts suspended temporarily after a series of accidents
Mid-2700s Hostile takeover of Berger Group, renamed to Salvor Armament Group
2901-3000 First Colonial exploration vessels arrive in Cluster 34.
2975 Birth of Crin Gorc
2983-84 Gorc becomes a ward of the Colonial Fleet at age 8 after his family's death as a result of an alien attack while traveling to Cluster 17.
2990 Maurice is constructed.
2993-94 Gorc translates the Shin-Yoo artifact at age 18, helping to avert at war with the Phoebii (presumably another alien race).
2995 Birth of Adam Roslin.
3002 Birth of Seth Nobu.
3016 Birth of Denara Roslin.
3018-19 Crin Gorc promoted to Admiral at age 43, a record for the fleet.
3022 First arrival of Colonial mining interests in the DMZ. Soon after, the rest of the Colonial Fleet arrives, eventually causing the Colonial-Okkar War. The Demilitarized Zone is established after the war ends.
3031 Birth of Karlie Sharpe.
Mid-3000s Colonial diplomatic missions to the Okkar homeworlds.
3052 Karlie goes off-world to pursue an engineering career.
3052-56 Karlie develops "Sharpening", a more efficient way of retrieving quantities of ore from asteroid fields.
3056 Karlie's lawsuit with G&B over theft of Sharpening by a G&B spy, Ortensio Hawkings. This is the closest date to the in-game events of Everspace.
3056 onwards
  • Ortensio Hawkings murdered
  • Karlie employed by G&B while also working for the Okkar
  • Okkar genome secretly decoded by Adam Roslin
  • First Adam Roslin clone created (Hero)
  • Death of Denara Roslin, Seth Nobu, the original Adam Roslin, and Crin Gorc
  • The Coalition becomes a major Outlaw clan in the DMZ
  • The Phantom Retaliators Outlaw clan is driven out of the DMZ
  • Mester Throng completes his research of Extraplanetary Lifeforms in the DMZ
  • The Adam Roslin clone "diaspora"