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Gunship Loadouts - Veritas 11 December 2018
Gunship A: The first loadout of the gunship has the most raw firepower of the three. Its Fusion Blaster will melt right through shields, making Okkar units a breeze, and the Flak Cannon counts as an explosive weapon for mining, so it will instantly extract all resources like a Light Missile would, so it makes up for its slow speed when exploring somewhat. It comes with 4 Combat Drones; you can upgrade drones in the gunship perk tree to give them armor and shields, as well as have more active at once. This can make the Gunship A really really tough in the mid game of Hardcore mode if you decide to hold on to them, and makes the A loadout very strong in the normal mode. It carries 10 Heavy Missiles, which can one shot many of the fighters and drones in the game, including a lot of Elite enemies. It also has a stack of Mine Clusters which can be difficult to use but are pretty potent against larger targets, particularly Corvettes. You'll want to use the Damage Limiters when fighting 3 or more foes, as the Gunship struggles to evade incoming shots, especially when its speed is not upgraded. The Gattling Turret has pretty limited range, so you'll want to close in to make the most of it.

Gunship B: The B loadout is more well-rounded, using a Pulse Laser to bring shields down at range and a Scatter Gun 2880 to finish off hulls up close. It's the only loadout in the game that starts with an Arc-9000, so if you find yourself totally outnumbered and overwhelmed or against an early corvette it has an out. 20 Light Missiles speed up the process of mining and killing Okkar fighters, and it has a Laser Turret, which has a noticeably longer range than the Gattling Turret does. 4 Webber Drones help make the most of the Scatter 2880 against enemy fighters and help a lot against Light G&B Fighters if you've decided to anger them. Like the A, it carries 2 Damage Limiters as well.

Gunship C: A bit of an oddball, the C variant starts with a M3 Laser Beam and Gattling, both of which need to charge up before firing. This leaves you without a dedicated anti-shield weapon at first, and very slow at mining and opening containers in Hardocre mode. It also doesn't start with a turret. However, this laodout starts with a Front Shield Generator and 4 Anti Missile Drones, giving the slow ship some much needed defense in the early sectors, making it a good choice for pilots that find they struggle to get started in the gunship without an early Front Shield Generator. 8 Corrosion Missiles and 5 Mine Clusters make it really potent against larger targets in the early sectors as well, and the Anti Missile drones and Front Shield make it very easy to fight the G&B with the M3 Laser Beam. Finally it starts with 2 Nano Injectors, so lost hull is easy to repalce, allowing you to save up your nanobots for later.

Interceptor Loadouts - Veritas 00:35, 7 December 2018 (UTC)
Interceptor A: 20 Light Missiles and Weapon Overdrive make the A loadout a great choice for hard and hardcore, as you will be able to quickly mine with them and quickly kill Okkar fighters. The Pulse Laser + Gattling combo is not exceptional but it is dependable for the first few sectors, and because of their fire rate you'll score crits more often. Invest in a better shield and primary weapons sooner rather than later, though, as the basic Pulse Laser and Gattling don't benefit much from upgrades compared to other primaries simply because of their lower stats.

Interceptor B: The M3 laser makes the B loadout exceptional at dogfighting in early sectors, especially against smaller groups of enemies, and will be useful all the way to the end. A full stack of Corrosive Missiles easily allows you to deal with any early corvettes that pop up or fight G&B fighters if you want to anger them for more rewards. This loadout struggles at quick resource mining at first, though you can make up for lost time with its Energized Boost. It might be wise to swap to an XC Shield if you plan on keeping the Energized Boost so that the shutdown duration is much shorter, and to find other primaries for fights with large groups of enemies.

Interceptor C: With very short range weaponry and an XC shield to start, the C loadout favors very aggressive dogfighting for rewards. The Scatter Gun may not seem impressive at first but with so many projectiles crit chance and crit damage gets insane against hulls, and the shower of projectiles when fully charged is huge. Coupled with a Shield Disruptor normal units don't stand a chance against the Interceptor C, and even early Elites will quickly be mowed down. A full stack of Plasma Torpedoes will quickly wreck any early corvettes or allow you to rob G&B transports for additional resources, gear, credits, etc.

-Approved, thanks! Grendal27 (talk) 23:23, 7 December 2018 (UTC)
Scout Loadouts - Veritas 00:01, 9 December 2018 (UTC)
Scout A: The first loadout for the Scout exemplifies what makes it stand out. An XC Shield coupled with its naturally strong evasion makes it nearly untouchable for the first two sectors if you don't pick fights with the G&B. Its Shock Rifle allows you to easily thin out larger groups of foes at a distance, and the Beam Laser provides ample DPS for smaller engagements with normal foes. A full stack of Energy Injectors really helps it early on, as the Scout has a smaller energy core capacity than the other ships. Its Drone Overrides keep it from being overwhelmed by large groups of Outlaws and their drones if you enter a sector right into the thick of them. The Cloak lets you disengage, which is a great time to stop the ship and recharge energy at 2x speed, and Stasis Missiles will both immobilize any hostile fighter or drone and prevent them from firing. Is is a pretty safe and strong loadout overall, and it can get pretty far without upgrades or swapping its gear out.

Scout B: The Scout B takes after the loadout for the Interceptor A. The Thermo Gun lets you focus on evasion rather than aiming when fighting Okkar units, and the Gattling provides solid DPS against hulls and turrets. Its Shield Breaker Missiles really put it over the edge when fighting Okkar or even G&B fighters. 4 Damage Limiters and Shield Charge Drones along with a normal Shield make it really tanky for its class, so it's a good choice for pilots that find they dislike the fragility of the hull and XC Shields. Lastly it has a Teleporter, useful for getting behind enemies and avoiding incoming missiles. You'll want to swap the Thermo Gun with a more suitable anti-shield weapon however, as the smaller energy core on the Scout makes it difficult to use in prolonged engagements effectively.

Scout C: With a Coil Gun as its only primary weapon, this loadout can be really frustrating to use without upgrading the ship's energy core considerably or using the Daredevil subroutine. The Time Extender is a great boon, however, as it's one of the stronger active devices in the game for dogfighting, and it pairs well with its XC Shield. A stack of Corrosion Missiles helps it out in a pinch, and lets it fight G&B fighters for extra rewards if you'd like. Worth noting however is that the spread on Coil Guns makes them unsuitable for sniping fighters and drones, so you will want to fight closer than the max range might lead you to believe. The Coil Gun is quite good at fighting Corvettes and Frigates at a distance though! It lacks consumables that directly help in combat at first, instead carrying a Jump Stabilizer and Nano Kit.

-Approved, thanks! Same person from the other suggestion? You might want to make an account. Grendal27 (talk) 07:05, 9 December 2018 (UTC)