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So you've returned. And right on time, I'd say. We've got new assignments on the job board.

Officer Shaw

This page consists of list of everything this wiki needs to be "complete" for both games to keep editing efforts more organized.

If you plan on contributing more than just a couple edits, please consider registering and joining the Rockfish/Everspace Discord (#wiki-general) .

For general page needs, look at Category:Stubs for pages that need 'more' or are WIP. For media needs, see Category:Articles needing images and Category:Images needing improvement.

Overall Wiki[ | ]

  • Rockfish Games - history
  • Add relevant alt text to more images & thumbnails, in order to better follow best practices & help SEO.
  • Add pages for sentient species in both games, such as Horag and K'Nos (there are many more introduced in ES2), maybe redirect human to Colonials

Style & Design[ | ]

  • Match text coloration where relevant - see Category:Formatting templates
  • Check to make sure mobile styles look decent, particularly for the new infoboxes and tables
  • Organize desktop/common css, add vars (for things like rarity colors)

Category guide[ | ]

  • Categories containing stuff specifically related to Everspace 2 should be titled <Name name> (ES2). Categories with ES1 content will not be changed, consider anything without (ES2) ES1 content.
    • This is different for normal content pages... things that are obviously only in ES2 may not need the (ES2) in the title, and some pages will include content from both games.
  • Top level for Everspace content is Category:Everspace, ES2 is Category:Everspace 2

Everspace 2[ | ]

  • Pages with a lot of text (story, mechanics, etc. pages) should have images interspersed on the left & right in relevant sections to break up the text for easier readability & understanding.
  • Tips & Tricks page like ES1 has?

Main Content pages[ | ]

  • Characters (ES2)
    • Tabs for characters in both ES1 and ES2
    • Codex/background, story, ship info if relevant, missions
  • Perks (ES2)
    • Add icons to tables
    • Special perk template instead of basic table?
  • Enemies (ES2) - list all, each one should have an individual pages with stats, equipment, tactics, player strategies, etc.
    • Mechanics overview (elites, etc.)
    • Check for name changes for Outlaw & other faction units
    • Elites have adjusted AI tactics as well as better stats?
    • Enemies with similar origins in ES1 need (ES2) identifier in title.
  • Ships (ES2)
    • Ship attributes (ES2) - highest attribute value possible (4800 or so?)
    • Add, improve, standardize pictures for the different parts/modules
    • Some lore overview in the introduction about the difference between ES1 and ES2 ships, RFG_Erik has explained it in Discord before.
    • Notes section should include relevant information about the ship's special, passives, ultimate - mechanics and interactions with other mechanics.
    • Customization page needs more details & lists, maybe separate page Ship customization (ES2).
  • Locations (ES2) - gameplay/completion/secrets overview, map icon legend, distances shown are an abstraction, you can't actually fly to another system in supralight
    • Overview on each each system page of factions, motifs, lore, planets, etc.
    • Update infoboxes with race timings and new detail parameters
    • Sites should list missions that have objectives or are offered there
    • Maybe Stations (ES2) - list of all stations and their services, maybe commodity prices
    • Add the little green icon in-line when Location challenges mentioned?
    • More automatic categories from infobox or useful list pages for various objects
    • Cargo drone locations
    • Vesna Orbit location - only available during story, like Nerea Transit Point
    • Add 'fast travel' to Spatial Bypass 'service' parameter in infobox? It's not in-game but might be good to have
    • Stranded pilots (backer submissions)
  • Story (ES2)
    • add relevant images with captions to break up the text
    • 1.0 update
    • Add overall synopsis section or to lede
  • Resources (ES2)
    • Doublecheck perk usage, add spatial bypass costs somewhere
    • Redeemers drop dark energy/solar particles
    • Any more notes for gameplay section?
  • Equipment (ES2)
    • Expand notes sections with tips, mechanics, etc.
    • Add tooltips to Annihilator Virus / Corrosion Injector damage stats?
    • Device cooldown mechanics/interactions, lowest possible cooldowns?
    • Armed & Dangerous updates - full pass on all modules/weapons for correct stats, new hidden stats
  • Missions (ES2) - Needs a complete new pass
    • Combine walkthrough with Objectives section, reduce amount of walkthrough text to just notable parts/instructions instead of a whole writeup
    • Sections: Plot summary in lede, Objectives & Walkthrough, Codex, Notes & Trivia, Gallery
    • Investigate losing miners in back to work
    • Can ram outlaw chief Bolton to take down his shield more easily
    • Can return to vaultworthy station after the mission to talk to the guy and get 3500 credits
  • Challenges (ES2)
    • Each page should have tips/strategies/notes if relevant
    • Determine 'explorer' challenge unlock specifics
  • Creatures (ES2)
    • Section for each or individual pages?
    • Locations, relevant quests, achievements, challenges, mechanics, other notes
    • Ice crawlers in Khione, acid pouches, regular cave crawlers, athorian worms, leviathan skeletons

Mechanics pages[ | ]

Template:Mechanics nav2

  • Codex (ES2)
  • Puzzles and minigames
    • Short bit on drone gameplay in various main missions?
    • Add gallery for mentioned objects, add list of locations with shadow creatures / rigged asteroids / etc.
  • Controls (ES2) - Add inventory management controls (batch keys, storage, etc.)
  • Trading (ES2) - add to mechanics nav, or include this info on Commodities
  • Make sure all of the tutorial popups are covered
  • Crafting (ES2) - update dismantling yields, add resource icons to tables?
  • Damage (ES2) - Info on how final damage amounts are calcuated from ship stats, weapon damage, etc.
  • Conditions - Missing some unique legendary buffs/debuffs, level 30 perk buffs?, doublecheck icons in-game for duplicates and missing icons

Other pages[ | ]

  • Updates (ES2) - update as needed
  • Eshahar
  • Items disambiguation page for equipment/resources/devices/etc.? (ES1/ES2 section)

Infoboxes[ | ]

Create new portable infoboxes based on in-game UI (Example: Template:Location pibox and Template:Equipment infobox2).

  • ES2 Character pibox.
    • Needs support/tabs (see device infobox) for multiple images (some characters have two different appearances)
  • Template:Mission infobox - add credits & experience icon for rewards?
  • Codex may have useful styling inspiration
  • Location infobox needs race ranking info section
  • Enemy infobox - HUD icon top left, in-game screenshot, name, concept art?

Navboxes[ | ]

  • ES2 navboxes should be titled "X nav2" unless nothing like it in ES1.
  • Take a look at restyling with ES2 motifs.
  • Take a look at adding small icons for each item in all/some navboxes when relevant
  • Update all as needed. See Category:Navbox templates

Templates[ | ]

  • Add Template:QuoteES2 where relevant
  • Need Template:CodexES2 - multiple image parameters (and formats?)
  • Inline icon template?

Cool ideas[ | ]

  • Hover-over infobox previews - https://dev.fandom.com/wiki/Tooltips
  • Check dev wiki for any useful javascript enhancements
  • Overall system map using Fandom's extension
  • Check off secret completion table rows like this wiki did: [1]

Needed media[ | ]

  • Pretty much all new pages will need some images and good main images/thumbnails. They will be marked with Template:Upload if so (hopefully but might not be), possibly with a list of what's needed.
  • Clear images of all enemies/ships
  • Would be nice to have more action screenshots for mission pages, sort of like what Spares and Scrap has
  • Create collated icon images for thumbnails where relevant

Misc[ | ]

  • 'Eyes' appearing underwater on planets with water
  • Add achievement mentions where relevant in trivia sections, add more notes for obtaining achievements
  • Add references to trivia sections (see dialogue table for developer explanations for things)

Everspace 1[ | ]

  • Finish up the Character pages - Most are missing info
  • Images of ship skins?
  • Factions:
  • All of the faction pages with ship info tables - the table could use a rework. How can it be made better to accommodate maybe more stats, another image? Maybe remove description column? Make a template?
  • The Coalition "The Coalition has bigger plans!" -Elek, mention elek's mission? Make format easy to expand with ES2 info
  • Info about elite ships somewhere
  • Codex - put when they are unlocked.
  • Some Encounters Characters don't spawn until meeting Seth Nobu?
  • Check & update secondary weapon and consumable pages with slotmax parameter
  • Continue fleshing out Tips and Tricks and adding to respective pages
  • Add mechanics pages/info/navbox like what ES2 has?

Currently needed media:[ | ]

  • Outlaws - Sniper drone firing with its beam for the gallery, more structures
  • G&B - more structures/stations/mining areas
  • Jump suppressor - more possible generation structures/areas