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Ultimates or ULTs are special ship abilities that can be activated to unleash a mighty offensive or defensive power. They are usually charged by shooting down enemies and have to be used to be able to charge again.

List of ultimates[]

Icon Ultimate Ship Type
TBA Rogue
File:ES2-Ultimate-ShadowStrike-Icon.png Shadow Strike Scout
File:ES2-Ultimate-TimeExtender-Icon.png Time Extender Vanguard
File:ES2-Ultimate-WeaponOverdrive-Icon.png Weapon Overdrive Interceptor
File:ES2-Ultimate-StaticOverload-Icon.png Static Overload Sentinel
File:ES2-Ultimate-QuantumTether-Icon.png Quantum Tether Striker
File:ES2-Ultimate-ARC-9000-Icon.png ARC-9000 Bomber
File:ES2-Ultimate-Turret-Icon.png Turret Gunship
File:ES2-Ultimate-Phalanx-Icon.png Phalanx Vindicator